The Mammoth Book of UFOs

The Mammoth Book of UFOs Cover

'... the package - budget price, weighty tome, written with care - is a winner...

Picknett produces the prime primer!' Fortean Times

Is there a government conspiracy to prevent us from knowing the truth about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)? Are they in fact fairly common visitors to our airspace, from distant galaxies? And have their extraterrestrial crews made contact with humans? Did aliens really crash at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947?

In The Mammoth Book of UFOs (2001) Lynn gives an intensive overview of the entire UFO-related phenomenon - including crop circles, cattle mutilation and Men In Black - weighed against a background of cultural and psychological expectations. For example, the literature concerning encounters with fairies and stories of visions of angels and demons are uncannily similar to cases of UFOs/aliens.

Lynn presents dozens of new cases and testimonies, many drawn from her time as Deputy Editor of the seminal 1980s publication The Unexplained.

But although there does indeed seem to have been a government cover-up about UFOs, it may not be quite what people have come to believe... And behind many cases of encounters with 'aliens' there does seem to be contact with an otherworld, perhaps an intrusion from other dimensions.



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