The Unchosen at Number 15 - Lynn's life story in twice-monthly instalments on Patreon
Lynn is publishing her remarkable and revealing memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15: A Memoir from the Deepest Dark, exclusively for her patrons on Patreon.

The Unchosen at Number 15 is the story of how a Yorkshire girl from a poor background in the 1950s survived a badly haunted house, besides emotional and sexual abuse and conversion to a cult, to become the UK's 'Paranormal Agony Aunt' and the co-author of the book that would inspire almost the whole world to talk about Jesus and Mary Magdalene...

For a monthly pledge of £3 (plus VAT/sales tax in relevant territories) Lynn's patrons receive two monthly instalments of The Unchosen at Number 15 in PDF format.

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Forbidden History on Yesterday
Episodes of Forbidden History, in which Jamie Theakston investigates myths and legends, conspiracy theories, ancient treasures, lost civilisations and war-time secrets - most featuring Lynn, Clive or both - are regularly repeated on Yesterday: see the show's schedule for details of upcoming broadcasts.

All six series are also currently available to watch on demand on UKTV Play.

July 2021 - New Patreon features

Women of Power: Queens of Female Networking
The second of Lynn and Clive's series on the scandalously marginalised 16th-century women of power looks at two with an extraordinary, long-lasting impact on France - and beyond...

Anne of France, daughter of the 'universal spider' King Louis XI and regent for her young brother Charles VIII, was a remarkable power broker, known as 'Madame la Grande'. Through her schemes and remorseless networking she even created the Tudor dynasty in England! She also built a female power matrix - from which emerged the next generation of women of power.

Then there's Anne of Brittany, twice Queen of France, and a big importer of the cream of Italian Renaissance culture as patroness of poets, artists and musicians. But she had quite another side - also supporting alchemists, astrologers and occult philosophers, including the enigmatic and significant Jean Perréal.

The Explosive Secret of the Saviour of the World
It's the greatest art mystery of the generation. Huge questions surround this strange painting of Christ, the Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World), said to be by Leonardo da Vinci - the most expensive painting ever - including: Who owns it? Where is it? And is it really a Leonardo? Could it even be a fake or scam?

While addressing those big questions, to Lynn and Clive there's something much, much more interesting about this singularly important artwork... In fact, it's their 'smoking gun' - hard evidence to back up their claim that Leonardo faked the Shroud of Turin. They present new evidence linking the two creations, not to mention certain rather exquisite ironies...

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2021/22, dates TBA - The Stargate Conspiracy and The Forbidden Universe in Bulgaria
Two new Bulgarian translations of Lynn and Clive's books are in the pipeline: leading Sofia publisher Bard are publishing a new and updated edition of The Stargate Conspiracy and the first Bulgarian edition of The Forbidden Universe. Details to follow when they've been finalised.

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