Future Events

July 2015 - Saunière Society Journal
Continuing Lynn and Clive's series on the Grand Masters of the Priory of Sion (alleged), the next issue of the Saunière Society Journal, edited by Stefan Hager, has an article on Nicolas Flamel, the celebrated medieval alchemist - or was he?

The journal is available to the society's members - see its web site for details on how to join.

Saturday, 3 October 2015 - Saunière Society Symposium
L&C will be giving their talk on John Dee and the Copernican Revolution at the Saunière Society's autumn symposium in Newington Village Hall, Newington, near Folkestone in Kent.

The talk will show that there was considerably more to Dee's championing of the new and controversial heliocentric theory than mere science, revealing the underlying complex and daring thinking that even fuelled a revolutionary political agenda.

For details of the day, the other speakers, admission - and to book - see the Society's web site.

Saturday, 7 November 2015 - Origins 2015
L&C are appearing at Origins 2015, the ancient mysteries conference organised by Andrew Collins and Megalithomania, at the Mile End campus of Queen Mary University of London, in East London.

Their talk, based on The Forbidden Universe, is 'Science's Occult Secret, Quantum Magick - and Isis in the Vatican'.

Other speakers include Andrew Collins on prehistoric sites in Indonesia and Anatolia, Graham Hancock on his new book Magicians of the Gods and Megalithomania's Hugh Newman on the origins of civilisation in Peru.

Early bird tickets are £48 (full price £52), and there is an optional tour of London's Hawkesmoor churches led by Andrew Collins on the Sunday. For full details, and to book, see the Origins Conference web site.

Saturday, 14 November 2015 - Witchfest International
L&C are making their seventh annual appearance at WitchFest International, the 'largest Witchcraft festival in recorded history', organised by the Children of Artemis.

This year their talk will be 'The Templars: Keepers of a Shocking Secret', in which they will show that the medieval Knights Templar really did guard an astonishing heretical secret, which still has the power to terrify the Catholic Church and even poses a threat to the Christian religion.

Other speakers in this annual celebration of everything wiccan and pagan include Professor Ronald Hutton, Emma Restall Orr and the legendary Dahm the Bard (who will be lecturing and performing).

The packed day of talks and workshops, followed by an evening of music and culminating with dancing at the Witching Hour club until 2am, is always one of the highlights of the year.

All always, WitchFest is taking place in Croydon's Fairfield Halls. For full details, ticket prices, and to book, see the WitchFest International web site.

Autumn 2015 - Forbidden History, series 3
The third series of Forbidden History, in which Jamie Theakston investigates historical mysteries, and which features Lynn and Clive as major contributors, airs this autumn on Yesterday.

Forbidden History is produced and directed by Bruce Burgess, and is made by HSP Productions.

2015 (date TBA) - Templar Revelation audiobook
W.F. Howes are issuing a CD audiobook of Lynn and Clive's classic The Templar Revelation.

Read by actor David Timson, it's an unabridged version - clocking in at nearly 21 hours!

2015 (date TBA) - Templar Revelation e-book
The long-awaited e-book edition of The Templar Revelation is to be launched by Transworld during 2015.

2015 (dates TBA) - A History of Spymasters
Lynn will be appearing in episodes of the Yesterday series A History of Spymasters, produced and directed by Bruce Burgess.

2015 (dates TBA) - History's Murder Mysteries
Lynn will be appearing in episodes of this new documentary series, which looks at famous unsolved murders from history.

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