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Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince ‘Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince… specialise in topics that challenge established and cultural history.’ Fortean Times

‘Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince… hold as good a claim as any to be the model for Robert Langdon, for their book stands at the heart of The Da Vinci Code’s ideas.’ The Rough Guide to The Da Vinci Code

‘[Picknett and Prince] provide credible explanations for incredible topics’ Ian Punnett, Coast to Coast AM

Despite often bitter opposition from many vested interests, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince have fearlessly exposed cover-ups and conspiracies, from the faking of the Shroud of Turin [Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History], the Rudolf Hess mission [Double Standards], the battle among the Second World War Allies [Friendly Fire], the British royal family [War of the Windsors], the New Age movement and the hijacking of the myths of ancient Egypt [The Stargate Conspiracy], the Priory of Sion [The Sion Revelation], the real history of science [The Forbidden Universe: The Occult Origins of Science and the Search for the Mind of God] - and the origins and history of Christianity [The Templar Revelation, The Masks of Christ].

Their latest book, When God Had a Wife: The Fall and Rise of the Sacred Feminine in the Judeo-Christian Tradition, reveals the existence of much-loved goddesses who were worshipped alongside God in the ancient Israelite religion, and their continuing and powerful influence among Jesus' own disciples.

Their work may infuriate you. It may shock and startle you. It may make you realise that the world is a very different place. But most of all, it will lead you to question and challenge what many have always believed to be written in stone.

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Lynn at Fortean Times UnConvention99 Signing Session

at Da Vinci Code screening With Ron Howard during filming of The Da Vinci Code

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