12 September 2021 – The Unchosen at Number 15: Lynn's TV career takes off - nibbling snake...
In the first of this month's instalments of her memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, out today on Patreon:

A food tasting of snake and alligator marks Lynn's entry into TV. As Nessie 'expert' she films for children's TV, complete with inexplicable Groucho Marx crouch. When promoting her Encyclopaedia of the Paranormal, Lynn falls foul of Sky News' Kay Burley. As the 'UK's Only Paranormal Agony Aunt' on LBC she takes calls from 'Sven', who turns out to be Peter Cook, before getting fired from Radio 5 for legal reasons. She meets her hero, TV comedy writer and 80s star Peter Tilbury, who soon becomes her boyfriend, while Rex scarily ups his game as her stalker. And a completely pivotal event is about to unfold...

6 September 2021 - September on Patreon: The 'Divine' Margaret and the Mysteries of the Magdalene
To do complete justice to this amazing woman, Lynn and Clive are telling this part of her extraordinary story over two features.

In the first, they look at Margaret, Archduchess of Austria's irresistible rise in the power politics of 16th century Europe, before turning to her immense cultural influence through her patronage of art, literature and music - and what it tells us about her own intriguing beliefs. And - for obvious reasons, being them - L&C focus on her devotion to Mary Magdalene, and the recent discovery that portraits of the saint created at her court were actually 'crypto-portraits' of Margaret herself.

The second delves further into the reasons for Margaret identifying herself with the Magdalene: was it based on the traditional Christian image of the saint or Gnostic ideas about her kept alive by heretical sects? And new research into her funeral monument has not only revealed that she - literally - took her secret to the grave but also something else quite astonishing...

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30 August 2021 - The Unchosen at Number 15 continues...
Also out today on Lynn's Patreon, after a slight delay as she has been busy filming, is the latest instalment of her memoirs.

In this, she wonders if she has accidentally discovered the cure for the common cold. And, inevitably, she goes yet further down the rabbit hole of Ian's bizarre world: he expects The Wife to choose a flat for him to share with Lynn and then accuses Lynn of magically killing his father. Rex raises eyebrows at a former top model's weekend course, and Lynn finishes with him - or so she thinks. She and Clive start to focus on the Turin Shroud, when almost everyone else has gone off it, en route to their startling discoveries....

30 August 2021 - Patreon latest: The 'Divine' Margaret and the Master of Magic
Continuing their occasional Patreon series about powerful women who have all too often been sidelined by history, L&C focus on Margaret, Archduchess of Austria, the perfect example of this little-acknowledged phenomenon.

In this first feature about her, they explore in more detail a remarkable book - dedicated to Margaret - that they discussed The Templar Revelation. 1529's On the Nobility and Pre-eminence of the Female Sex by the great occult philosopher Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa argued that women were not only the equal of, but superior to, men! Margaret's patronage of Agrippa raises important questions about her own beliefs.

15 August 2021 - New on Patreon: Leonardo's Sensational Secret – and Hidden Confession
The concluding part of Lynn and Clive's special feature on their groundbreaking discoveries about Leonardo da Vinci's Salvator Mundi, with startling new evidence that it's his coded "confession" to his faking of the Turin Shroud, is out today for their patrons on Patreon.

9 August 2021 - Coming this month on Patreon...
Lynn and Clive's exclusive features for their patrons on Patreon in August will be:

The Mysteries of the Saviour of the World: Leonardo's Sensational Secret - and Hidden Confession
Following on from their last feature on the vexed history of the Salvator Mundi, L&C now focus on their own reasons for being so into it... In fact, their fascination with it goes back to the research for their very first book 30 years ago. To their huge excitement, the rediscovery of this long-lost painting in 2011 has provided the final evidence to link Leonardo with the Turin Shroud! And recently even more evidence has emerged from a very surprising source…

Women of Power: The 'Divine' Margaret
Continuing L&C's series of features on the women whose unique dynamism shaped the course of Renaissance power politics and the most vibrant culture of the day.

Margaret of Austria was a member of the immensely powerful Habsburg dynasty, wielding real authority on behalf of two Emperors. And through her hands-on patronage of artists, writers and religious reformers she even embodied the spirit of the age. But that's not all - Margaret was also patron of occultists, alchemists and magicians, including the great Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. She was also utterly devoted to Mary Magdalene – but not for the more obvious pious reasons. And there was also the little matter of Margaret being a role model to the young Anne Boleyn…

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9 August 2021 - The Unchosen at Number 15: Carbon Dates and Past Lives
In the new instalment of Lynn's memoirs, out today for her readers on Patreon:

As the 1980s draw to a close, Lynn takes part in past life hypnotic regression experiments – was she really an infamous fraudulent medium from 19th-century London? She muses upon the most persuasive case for reincarnation ever - Jenny Cockell and her 'lost' Irish family. She discovers Rex's very dark side as he sets up cameras to spy on her, and tells how the champion of the 'Shroud' of Turin proposed to her on their second illicit date - all doomed, but somehow all fated to happen! And she meets a young man called Clive Prince...

31 July 2021 - When God Had a Wife on Earth Ancients
Lynn and Clive's interview for Earth Ancients with Cliff Dunning is now online.

L&C discuss the exciting discoveries in When God Had a Wife about the original importance of the sacred feminine in Judaism and Christianity - and how both religions cynically and deliberately - suppressed it.

31 July 2021 - Patreon latest: The Mysteries of the Salvator Mundi, Part One
L&C's latest exclusive feature is out today for their patrons on Patreon.

In 2011 the sensational discovery of a long-lost painting by Leonardo da Vinci was announced to a world still in the grip of Da Vinci Code mania. This 'new' da Vinci, a distinctly unsettling depiction of Christ, is the Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World). Nothing about it was straightforward - and it still isn't. The questions just keep coming... Where was it for the last 500 years? Where is it now - and who really owns it? Is it a genuine Leonardo, or was its provenance overstated to inflate its value? Could it even be a fake?

L&C examine all those questions, which are, however, merely the preamble - though fascinating in its own right - to a much more significant revelation about the Salvator Mundi.

22 July 2021 – Return to Earth Ancients
Lynn and Clive recorded their second interview with Cliff Dunning for his Earth Ancients podcast, this time discussing When God Had a Wife and what the rediscovery of the Hebrew Goddess means for our understanding of the ancient world.

The show goes out on Saturday, 31 July on Cliff's Earth Ancients web site, and will be available on the archive afterwards.

22 July 2021 - The Unchosen at Number 15: The Best years of Lynn's life...
The second of this month's instalments of Lynn's memoirs is out today for her Patreon patrons.

It continues the story of her time as a freelance features writer on Best magazine, highlighting some of her amazing colleagues - including the Charlotte Brontë lookalike who is actually a descendant of the family (and also a successful novelist!). Lynn also learns hands-on healing from the most tested healer in the world, former 'poltergeist boy' Matthew Manning - and relates the baffling and unpleasant end to their partnership. But did she really heal that woman of a tumour overnight? The woman thought so - but then blanked Lynn as a 'witch'. And Lynn meets Ian Wilson, champion of the Shroud of Turin, who will turn her world upside down and usher in a whole new life...

20 July 2021 – The Templar Revelation audiobook continues...
W.F. Howes, the UK's largest independent audiobook publisher, have renewed the rights to their edition of The Templar Revelation for a further seven years.

Published by Howes' Whole Story imprint, the unabridged audiobook is read by actor David Timson.

Many thanks to Kathryn Sephton at Howes for organising the renewal.

7 July 2021 - The Unchosen at Number 15: Lynn's writing - and TV - life begins!
Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15 continue on Patreon with the first of this month's instalments.

Excited by her first book deal, eventually she produces Flights of Fancy? - a collection of paranormal oddities – and goes on a PR tour. There's hilarity with an old friend, then a quiz show where she falls foul of Gyles Brandreth. TV again, with lovely Fern Britton and Jilly Cooper (fans) and Julia Foster (very much not a fan!). Lynn becomes a feature writer on the new Best women's magazine, and a mystery phone call worries her about her increasingly controlling lover...

5 July 2021 - Women of Power: A Name to Be Reckoned With - The Two Annes
The second of Lynn and Clive's 'Women of Power' features is out today exclusively for their supporters on Patreon. In this occasional series, they aim to demonstrate that, although it often seems as if female movers and shakers almost never happened until recent times, there are in fact many prime examples of extraordinary women who made a striking difference to the course of history.

In this feature, L&C show how the belief in - and even training for - female power was handed down through the generations by a network of highly-placed female leaders, particularly focusing on two remarkable Annes who left their mark on Early Renaissance France - and much else....

28 June 2021 - July's Patreon features
Next month's features exclusive to Lynn and Clive's supporters on Patreon will be:

Women of Power: Queens of Female Networking
The second of their series on the scandalously marginalised 16th-century women of power looks at two with an extraordinary, long-lasting impact on France - and beyond...

Anne of France, daughter of the 'universal spider' King Louis XI and regent for her young brother Charles VIII, was a remarkable power broker, known as 'Madame la Grande'. Through her schemes and remorseless networking she even created the Tudor dynasty in England! She also built a female power matrix - from which emerged the next generation of women of power.

Then there's Anne of Brittany, twice Queen of France, and a big importer of the cream of Italian Renaissance culture as patroness of poets, artists and musicians. But she had quite another side – also supporting alchemists, astrologers and occult philosophers, including the enigmatic and significant Jean Perréal.

The Explosive Secret of the Saviour of the World
It's the greatest art mystery of the generation. Huge questions surround this strange painting of Christ, the Salvator Mundi (Saviour of the World), said to be by Leonardo da Vinci – the most expensive painting ever - including: Who owns it? Where is it? And is it really a Leonardo? Could it even be a fake or scam?

While addressing those big questions, to L&C there's something much, much more interesting about this singularly important artwork... In fact, it's their 'smoking gun' - hard evidence to back up their claim that Leonardo faked the Shroud of Turin. They present new evidence linking the two creations, not to mention certain rather exquisite ironies...

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21 June 2021 - That's no way to treat a Dickens' First Edition...
The latest instalment of Lynn's life story, The Unchosen at Number 15, is out today for her followers on Patreon.

In this episode: Lynn's new boss humiliates her publicly - then extraordinary phenomena drive her out of her flat; she very nearly oversees the dismantling of a Dickens' First Edition (from the London Library); she is temporarily paralysed; and then she finally gets made redundant - but a famous publishing house asks her to write a book about the paranormal - and a whole new era begins...

19 June 2021 - Women of Power: The City of Ladies
The first of L&C's new occasional series Women of Power is out today on Patreon. The features will tell the story of some amazingly skilled and brilliant women who had an enormous impact on European history, but whose achievements have been all but forgotten, highlighting not only the influence of the esoteric and occult on them, but also their influence on the esoteric...

The opening feature, 'The City of Ladies', focuses on Christine de Pizan, Europe's first professional female writer, no less, whose story also involves great names such as Joan of Arc - and some less well known women of the time.

8 June 2021 - Lynn's story continues on Patreon...
In the latest episode of Lynn's memoirs, continuing the story of her life in the 1980s, she goes off down the rabbit hole on sabbatical with her new boyfriend Rex, is menaced by French ghosts and echoes of the last terror of Nazi victims, before, hilariously, life follows art - if 'Allo 'Allo! is art, that is - and as her dream job fizzles out, she is very, very scared by the future...

For exclusive twice-monthly instalments of The Unchosen at Number 15, sign up to Lynn’s story on Patreon.

6 June 2021 - The Untold Story of Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up
The first of this month's exclusive features for Lynn and Clive's supporters on Patreon tells the true - if unlikely - story not only of how their book about the mystery of the wartime flight of Hitler's Deputy to Britain came to be written, but also the astonishing fallout that led to its abrupt disappearance...

It's a story that involves modern-day Templars and international intelligence agencies - and they weren't even the problem!

25 May 2021 - Patreon features coming in June
Lynn and Clive have announced their exclusive features for next month:

Early June – The Untold Story Behind Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up: May 2021 marked 20 years since the launch of Double Standards, co-written with Stephen Prior and Robert Brydon, on the enduring wartime mystery of the flight of Hitler's Deputy Führer, Rudolf Hess, to Scotland in May 1941. A week after its first publication, Double Standards was withdrawn from shops and libraries - and all copies pulped. The full story behind that episode has never been told, but now that two decades have passed, and most of those involved are, sadly, no longer with us, L&C feel that the time is right to reveal how a legal action by the Grand Master of the Knights Templar lay behind it (no, really!). And that's not even the strangest part...

Mid-June - Women of Power, Part 1: Returning to a key theme of their current research, L&C look at a long-neglected aspect of the power politics of Renaissance Europe: the rise of women to positions of political power and cultural influence, and how they changed the course of history, not just through their roles in landmark events but also by championing religious reformation and their bold thinking that included empowering esoteric philosophies.

In the first part L&C concentrate on the queens and queens regent who wielded unprecedented power in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century France - and the very special woman whose writings inspired them.

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24 May 2021 - The Unchosen at Number 15, continued
The 24th instalment of Lynn's memoirs is out today for her readers on Patreon.

In this episode, which continues the story of Lynn's life in the 1980s, her Mum gets increasingly creepy and scary paranormal events surround her: a totally different personality, 'Professor Mum', emerges, only too briefly, and Lynn experiences very real fears her mother will murder her (or she will murder her mother). Lynn remembers her gay friend and rising star of the British theatre, Edward Duke - dead at 40 of AIDS. There's a champagne evening to remember, her job takes a turn for the worse - and is her new boyfriend quite what he seems?

22 May 2021 - When God Had a Wife at the Saunière Society
Sadly, Lynn was unable to make the Saunière Society conference due to a severe back problem, so Clive gave their talk on When God Had a Wife solo. This, the first talk on their last book - twice postponed - took place in the rather unusual setting of London's National Musical Museum.

It was good to be back among old friends, especially after such a prolonged break. Thanks to Joy and Chris Millar and Julia for keeping the flag flying - especially in such difficult times - and organising such an enjoyable event.

18 May 2021 - Patreon: The Forbidden Universe 10 Years On concludes...
In the final part of their update to The Forbidden Universe, Lynn and Clive ask: is the universe conscious - and if so just what is consciousness? They look at exciting new evidence that suggests everything is basically conscious - and linked. Even more thrillingly, the most cutting-edge evidence actually vindicates the cosmology of the ancient Hermetic texts. And, sensationally, it suggests that the whole universe is actually magical.

L&C's twice-monthly features are available exclusively to their patrons on Patreon.

7 May 2021 - The Unchosen at Number 15: Lynn on 'The Street' - and in Abbey Road
The first of this month's instalments of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, is out today exclusively for her readers on Patreon.

In this packed episode: Lynn joins the oldest actors' club in the world; her (very quickly ex-)boyfriend turns out to be a Nazi; she becomes Editor of a Coronation Street publication, and romps with the soap's flamboyant creator, Tony Warren, but falls foul of 'Bet Lynch' (actress Julie Goodyear); she has breakfast with Miss Marple and coffee with Nigel Havers; TV's Sherlock Holmes lies sobbing in a hotel bed; she moves to the world-famous Abbey Road; and has a chilling encounter with her Mum's creepy dolls...

5 May 2021 - New on Patreon: The Forbidden Universe 10 Years On - The Search for the Mind of God (Part 2)
The latest part of Lynn and Clive's catch-up for the 10th anniversary of The Forbidden Universe is out today on Patreon. This continues the update to the 'Search for the Mind of God' part of the book, which explores the converging of today's science with the Hermetic philosophy that inspired the scientific revolution.

Although announced as the last part, L&C have found so much more to say that there will now be a third and final instalment to the miniseries, which will be out on 16 May. They are holding over their feature on the untold story behind Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up until June.

27 April 2021 - Coming on Patreon in May
Lynn and Clive's exclusive features for their supporters on Patreon next month will be:

5 May - The Forbidden Universe 10 Years On: The Search for the Mind of God (Part 2): In the final part of their update of The Forbidden Universe, exploring the parallels between today's science and the Hermetic philosophy, L&C look at developments over the last decade in the great mysteries about the origins and evolution of life, the nature of consciousness and its relationship to the physical world, and growing challenges to the prevailing 'physicalist' worldview that are doing something amazing... they are letting magic back in.

16 May - The Untold Story Behind Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up: This month sees the 80th anniversary of the flight of Hitler's Deputy Führer, Rudolf Hess, to Scotland on 10 May 1941 - and it's also 20 years since the launch of L&C's book Double Standards, co-written with Stephen Prior and Robert Brydon, on the enduring wartime mystery. A week after its first publication in April 2001, Double Standards was withdrawn from shops and libraries - and all copies pulped. The full story behind that episode has never been told, but now that two decades have passed, and most of those involved are, sadly, no longer with us, L&C feel that the time is right to reveal how a legal action by the Grand Master of the Knights Templar lay behind it (no, really!). And that's not even the strangest part...

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22 April 2021 - The latest Unchosen...
In the new instalment of The Unchosen at Number 15, Lynn's memoirs available exclusively on Patreon, she gets insulted at work - then promoted to Editor of The Royal Family. On holiday she is miraculously healed of very serious burns overnight, and nearly drowns (again!). Her former lover, policeman Mick, moves in – briefly. A letter from an American woman reveals startling evidence of very dark, X-Files-y-type abuse. The paranormal darkness also returns to surround her mother, while a phone call from her old flatmate Victor will change the course of her life...

20 April 2021 - Patreon: The Seach for the Mind of God, Part 1
Continuing the celebration of The Forbidden Universe's 10th anniversary, the first part of Lynn and Clive's update on the 'Search for the Mind of God' aspect, presenting all the exciting new developments - not to mention scientific rows - in the last decade, is out today for their supporters on Patreon.

This feature concentrates on the great cosmological mysteries explored in the book, which challenge the conventional assumption that the origins and evolution of the universe can, as Stephen Hawking put it, be explained by 'luck and probability', and which even suggest an element of purpose in the cosmos.

17 April 2021 - Where Did the Road Go? Lynn's haunted life
Lynn's interview with Seriah Azkath for his Where Did the Road Go? show was broadcast on WBVR 93.5. The conversation focused on her personal experiences, and ranged over the haunted house she grew up in, ghost experiences, visions, paranormal smells, the 'stone tape' theory of haunting, poltergeist activity, 'JOT' (Just One of Those Things) phenomena, lab research into the paranormal, debunking vs. actual skepticism, the 'Cross Correspondence' experiments, childrens' memories of past lives, UFO experiences, quantum physics and the paranormal - and more!

For those who missed it, the show will be available on Where Did the Road Go? archive in about a week.

9 April 2021 - The UnXplained with William Shatner: Mysteries of the Moon
Lynn's final appearance in this season of the History channel’s show, hosted and executively produced by William Shatner. Looking at the many mysteries and secrets of our moon, the other contributors included science writer Amy Shira Teitel, physicist Michio Kaku, space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, and cosmologist Brian Keating.

The series is available on Amazon Prime Video in the USA.

8 April 2021 - On the Road Again
Lynn chatted for over two hours to Seriah Azkath for his podcast Where Did The Road Go? about her somewhat extensive experiences of hauntings - linked to her memoirs, The Unchosen At Number 15, being published on Patreon. Lynn and Seriah also ranged over many other topics, including her book, The Secret History of Lucifer, together with the Sacred Feminine, Mary Magdalene, The Da Vinci Code and the reluctance of scientists even to consider the extensive evidence for the paranormal and unexplained.

Date podcast goes live to be announced shortly.

8 April 2021 - A new Portuguese Templar
The new Portuguese edition of The Templar Revelation (O Segredo dos Templários: A Verdade Escondida pela História) is out today!

Published by Alma dos Livros, it's a fresh translation that includes an extensive update, based on the UK 10th anniversary edition (not previously available in Portugal) but with even newer material updating the update.

Many thanks to all at Alma dos Livros, especially Sara Nabais, for their work in getting the book out in very difficult times.

7 April 2021 - Lynn's weird story continues...
In the latest instalment of her memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15:

House-sitting in upscale Chelsea brings the horror of the Mystery of the Wall That Disappears in the Night; Lynn hosts visits from two stars of the heretical science scene - with rather different outcomes; controversial medium Doris Stokes gives astonishing evidence of her powers at a private demonstration, while psychic Coral Polge delivers a distressing message apparently from Lynn's dead father; the second person ever to hear the truth about the Cottingley Fairy Photograph hoax, Lynn discovers there's a very telling twist that's usually overlooked…

Only on Patreon.

6 April 2021 - Lindsay Brydon
A poignant postscript to yesterday's post. Lynn and Clive are very saddened to hear that Lindsay Brydon, the widow of their co-author Robert Brydon, passed away early this morning. A remarkable artist - and remarkable lady - Lindsay was always extremely supportive, funny and highly insightful. One of life's special people. She will be missed.

5 April 2021 - It was 20 years ago today...
Another big anniversary for L&C: it's 20 years today since the launch in 2001 of Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up, published by Little, Brown. Co-written with Stephen Prior and Robert Brydon, Double Standards is an investigation of the wartime mystery of the flight of Hitler's Deputy to Scotland two years into the Second World War.

This landmark also makes L&C's thoughts turn to Stephen and Bob, both of whom are no longer with us. Stephen passed away in 2003 and Bob in 2014.

Not only is it one of L&C's most controversial works (and that's saying something) but also the one with the most chequered history: the first edition was withdrawn and pulped as the result of a legal challenge - the full story of which has yet to be told.

3 April 2021 - Patreon: The Occult Origins of Science, Part 2
The second part of L&C's update to The Forbidden Universe, looking back on developments over the ten years since its publication, is out today for their supporters on Patreon.

This details new discoveries and the latest thinking about two giants of the scientific revolution, Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton, and on the true relationship between the occult philosophy and the birth of science - taking the story even further.

28 March 2021 - Coming on Patreon in April
Two more updates to The Forbidden Universe, marking its 10th anniversary, will be available exclusively to Lynn & Clive's subscribers on Patreon:

1 April – The Occult Origins of Science (Part Two): Continuing their review of new research into the impact of the Hermetic philosophy on the scientific revolution, L&C revisit enigmatic references to 'Antilia', a group connected with the origins of the Rosicrucian movement. They also look at the latest scholarship on the magical obsessions of Francis Bacon and Isaac Newton - besides the emerging academic trend that reveals the influence of the occult philosophy on science went even further than L&C thought...

16 April – The Search for the Mind of God: Moving on to the second part of The Forbidden Universe, exploring cutting-edge scientific discoveries and thinking in cosmology and quantum physics that seem to be confirming the vision of the Hermetic philosophy, in this feature L&C look at new developments in the last decade.

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27 March 2021 - Cuyamungue Institute Q&A Talk online
The Q&A featuring Lynn and Clive, together with cosmologist Sinziana Paduroiu, on key subjects in The Forbidden Universe, is now online as a podcast on the Cuyamungue Institute's web site, along with other many other stimulating and varied contributions to the series.

25 March 2021 - Fortean Times: The Hidden Side of the Prado
The April issue of Fortean Times, in the shops today, has an article by Clive telling of his initiation into the mysteries of Madrid's Prado Museum by Javier Sierra in October 2019.

'The Hidden Side of the Prado' examines some of the esoteric symbolism encoded in the gallery's 'arcanon' (arcane canon), such as Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights and Velasquez's Las Meninas, before going on to explore the reasons for the symbiotic relationship between art and magic - long an interest of L&C's.

24 March 2021 - The Forbidden Universe - the first 10 years!
Today marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of The Forbidden Universe: The Occult Origins of Science and the Search for the Mind of God. Lynn and Clive are thrilled – and amazed! - that it's still in print (and in digital form) a decade on. Thanks to everyone at Constable for getting it out there.

The book explores the relationship between science and 'occult' philosophies, primarily as set out in the Hermetic texts. It shows just how big a debt the scientific revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries owes to them - and how the latest discoveries and thinking in today's science, especially cosmology and quantum physics, are uncannily fitting in with the ancient Hermetic vision.

L&C are currently publishing a series of updates to The Forbidden Universe, with new developments in the story over the last ten years, for their readers on Patreon.

23 March 2021 - The Unchosen at Number 15, part 20
The 20th instalment of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15 is out today on Patreon.

In this part, she tells of the joys of the great Cambridge conference where US military came psychic talent spotting, relates the tale of the poltergeist that slashed with an invisible razor, and shares confidences about Prince Philip's private suppers to discuss the paranormal. There's the Near Death Experience that was bang on time to help her dying father, and terrible scenes with her Mum - did she actually kill her Dad? The doctor suspected she had... And in his last days, did her father leer at her? She is deeply disturbed...

21 March 2021 - The Forbidden Universe at the Cuyamungue Institute
Lynn and Clive, together with their friend and colleague of many years, astrophysicist Sinziana Paduroiu, PhD, did a Q&A Talk via Zoom for the Cuyamungue Institute on subjects raised in The Forbidden Universe, marking the book's tenth anniversary. Hosted by President Paul Robear and Research Director Laura Lee, the two-and-a-half hour session explored the parallels between modern cosmology and the one celebrated in ancient magical texts - which themselves inspired the birth of Western science. It was a joy for L&C to engage with such a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and delightful audience.

Thanks to Laura and Paul for making it happen.

The talk will be available online shortly.

16 March 2021 - New Patreon feature: The Forbidden Universe 10 Years On
The first of L&C's updates to The Forbidden Universe: The Occult Origins of Science and the Search for the Mind of God, celebrating its first decade in print, is out today for their supporters on Patreon.

They start with the book's Part One, which explores the critical influence of the Renaissance occult philosophy - especially the books of the Hermetica - on the scientific revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries. They set out new historical research on the surprising impact of apocalyptic expectations on the era - the world was going to end! - plus the real reason a 15th-century pope had images of ancient Egyptian gods painted in his personal apartments in the Vatican, and reveal new evidence for a plot to subvert the Catholic Church from within Rome itself, in which a remarkable woman of the age played a key role. With more to follow on 1 April.

16 March 2021 – Cuyamungue Institute Q&A Talk: update for the UK
A correction to the advertised time for L&C's online Q&A this Sunday (21 March): as the USA is now on Daylight Saving the new time difference means that the session will start at 4pm in the UK. To register for the Zoom session - limited to 100 participants - see the Cuyamungue Institute web site. L&C are talking about The Forbidden Universe to mark its 10th anniversary, and will be joined by research scientist Sinziana Paduroiu, PhD.

8 March 2021 - The Unchosen at Number 15: The Unexplained years continue…
The first of this month's helpings of Lynn's memoirs are out today on Patreon.

In this instalment, continuing the story of her years as Deputy Editor of The Unexplained, more paranormal cases crash the Boggle Barrier, including the group that created a ghost and the woman whose imaginary beings became so real other people saw them. Lynn shares memories of her friends, the rackety but lovely Frank Smyth, whose completely fictitious ghost story famously took on a life of its own, and the eccentric Brian Inglis and his extreme aversion to non-drinkers. She suffers from alcohol poisoning (deservedly) but gets cured by a psychic healer, experiences the aftermath of the Brixton riots, and attends a great Cambridge conference where US military come psychic talent-spotting...

1 March 2021 - Portuguese Templar Revelation update
Update on Alma dos Libros' new edition of The Templar Revelation (O Segredo dos Templários): it’s coming out on 8 April!

1 March 2021 - New on Patreon: A Woman of Power (Part Two)
The second part of Lynn and Clive's feature 'A Woman of Power: The Remarkable Triumphs of Louise of Savoy – Leonardo's Last Patron' is out today, exclusively for their subscribers, on Patreon.

L&C detail recent discoveries about this extraordinary woman that shed surprising new light on Leonardo da Vinci's last great project, besides cutting-edge research that provides some missing pieces to the puzzle in their very first book, Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History.

25 February 2021 - Portuguese Templar Revelation delayed
Because of the impact of coronavirus in Portugal, Alma dos Libros have postponed the launch of the new edition of The Templar Revelation (O Segredo dos Templários). It's now scheduled for publication in June.

Lynn and Clive send their best wishes to their friends at Alma dos Libros and hope they and their families get through this particularly grim time safely.

24 February 2021 - Coming in March on Patreon
Lynn and Clive's exclusive features for their Patreon subscribers next month will be:

1 March - A Woman of Power (Part Two): Continuing their celebration of the amazing Louise of Savoy, Lynn and Clive turn to her role as Leonardo da Vinci's last patron and inspiration, and her great project that enticed him to France. And excitingly, Leonardo's connections with the French court also enable L&C to close the loop on some of their earliest discoveries.

16 March – The Forbidden Universe 10 Years On: Part One – The Occult Origins of Science: This month marks the 10th anniversary of the publication of The Forbidden Universe – always a good time to check how a book has stood the test of time. In this feature L&C look at its first part - on the long-denied inspiration of certain occult texts for the Scientific Revolution, and presenting new evidence that has sometimes surprising insights for their work.

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22 February 2021 - The Unchosen: Crashing the boggle barrier...
The new instalment of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, is out today for her supporters on Patreon.

Because of her job as Deputy Editor of The Unexplained, Lynn encounters many classic paranormal cases, including the still-controversial Enfield Poltergeist... and discovers - far, far too late and very bizarrely - that one of its investigators had feelings for her. And that he was a spy. She takes part in a classic telepathy experiment at Cambridge University with very thought-provoking results.

18 February 2021 - When God Had a Wife at the Saunière Society: third time lucky?
The Saunière Society conference, twice postponed last year for sadly obvious reasons, has been rescheduled (subject to public health advice and restrictions) for Saturday, 22 May. Lynn and Clive will be speaking on When God Had a Wife.

The all-day conference, followed by a dinner for Society members and speakers, will (hopefully) be at the National Musical Museum in Brentford, Middlesex. For full details see the Saunière Society web site.

16 February 2021 - New Patreon feature: A Woman of Power, Part 1
The first of a two-part feature on the extraordinary Louise of Savoy, mother of King Francis I and twice regent of France - besides a patron of religious reformers and occult philosophers - is now available to Lynn and Clive's subscribers on Patreon.

This part explores Louise's political power and long-neglected influence on history, and her use of magic in court rituals, setting the scene for the real story behind Leonardo da Vinci's move from Italy to the French court.

11 February 2021 - Everything Imaginable online
Lynn and Clive's conversation with Gary Cocciolillo for his podcast is now online on the Everything Imaginable web site.

Gary probes L&C's thoughts on Hermeticism and the occult origins of science, the nature of reality, entities, magical thinking, free will, ancient Egypt, lost civilisations, the Templars, bloodlines, and other deep subjects.

Many thanks to Gary for the invitation.

8 February 2021 - The Unchosen: The Unexplained begins...
The first of this month's instalments of Lynn's memoir, The Unchosen at Number 15, is out today for her Patreon patrons.

As the 1980s begin, Lynn gets her dream job as Deputy Editor of The Unexplained, working with the likes of Colin Wilson and J. Allen Hynek - and even she is astounded by the drinking culture she's now working in. Once again, she is in genuinely life-threatening trouble from a tiger - without leaving England. On holiday she witnesses an act of Serb/Croat cruelty. She finds UFOs boring - until she sees one. As her marriage deteriorates the paranormal escalates around her, while life is about to get a whole lot more interesting - not to mention weirder...

1 February 2021 - New on Patreon: Nicolas Flamel and the Lying Raven (Part Two)
The concluding part of Lynn and Clive's investigation into the legendary alchemist Nicolas Flamel, and the labyrinthine paths into which it led them, is out today on Patreon.

Giving an insight into their research for The Templar Revelation, Lynn and Clive describe how their search for the truth behind an account of an alleged 19th-century encounter with an immortal Flamel led them into a very strange world of deliberate intrigue, dead ends, half-truths and outright mischief-making - and to confront the mystery of one of the most enigmatic of European secret societies.

30 January 2021 - Returning to Cuyamungue
L&C have been invited to do a second Q&A Talk for the Cuyamungue Institute, this time on The Forbidden Universe, which is celebrating its 10th year in print in March.

The two-hour talk, via Zoom, is on Sunday, 21 March, at 9am Pacific Time (5pm in the UK). For details on how to join in, see the Cuyamungue Institute web site.

Thanks to Laura Lee and Paul Robear for the invitation.

29 January 2021 - February on Patreon
Lynn and Clive have announced next month's exclusive Patreon features:

1 February - Nicolas Flamel and the Lying Raven (Part Two) In the second part L&C show how their attempts to unravel the story of Nicolas Flamel, and his appearance on the Grand Masters' list of the controversial Priory of Sion, led them to a very modern, but equally intricate scenario, plummeting them into a bizarre world of apparently pointlessly elaborate intrigue - layer upon layer of it, which just kept on coming…

16 February - A Woman of Power: The Remarkable Triumphs of Louise of Savoy - Leonardo's Last Inspiration Picking up on a theme of their feature 'Bad Omens: Fear and Apocalyptic Angst in Elizabethan England' - the unprecedented rise of women to positions of power across sixteenth-century Europe - Lynn and Clive look at one particular example. Louise of Savoy exercised considerable authority not just politically but also over artistic, cultural and even occult circles. And recognising her true achievements sheds new light on L&C's favourite, Leonardo da Vinci, closing the loop on some of their earliest research. In Part One, they examine the life of this extraordinary female influencer, setting the scene for revelations about Leonardo's true role at the French royal court.

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29 January 2021 - The UnXplained with William Shatner: Extraordinary Engineering
The subject of this week's show, aired in the USA on History, is humankind's obsession with creating monumental and enduring buildings, from Stonehenge to today's skyscrapers, and including the Egyptian pyramids and the great medieval cathedrals. Lynn appeared along with fellow historical researchers Andrew Collins and Graham Phillips, Megalithomania's Hugh Newman and Jonathan Young of the Joseph Campbell Archives, among others.

29 January 2021 - Cuyamungue Institute Q&A online
Lynn and Clive's Q&A Talk is now online as a podcast on the Cuyamungue Institute's web site.

28 January 2021 - Everything Imaginable
L&C recorded an interview for Gary Cocciolillo's Everything Imaginable, the 'podcast for curious minds'.

Living up to its name, the show ranged over all manner of subjects sparked off by L&C's books: Hermeticism, the nature of reality, magical thinking, Templars, Atlantis, free will, and many more. Big thanks to Gary for the invitation, and making it a very enjoyable - and thought-provoking - couple of hours.

The podcast will be online in a couple of weeks.

24 January 2021 - Cuyamungue Institute Q&A Talk
Lynn and Clive did a Q&A Talk for the Cuyamungue Institute, based on When God Had A Wife, discussing all the many implications of the loss - and recovery - of the Sacred Feminine. The large and enthusiastic audience queued up to ask often very profound questions.

Based in New Mexico, the Cuyamungue Institute, inspired by the work of anthropologist Felicitas D. Goodman, is committed to transforming consciousness through the ancient wisdom of ecstatic trance postures.

The session will be available shortly as a podcast on the Institute's web site.

Thanks to President Paul Robear and Director of Research and Outreach Laura Lee for making it a fun experience, and to David Elkington for the introduction.

22 January 2021 - The UnXplained with William Shatner: The Search for Atlantis
Lynn appeared, alongside (among others) researcher Andrew Collins, classicist Ric Rader and UCLA's Sara Burdorff, in William Shatner's investigation of the enduring mystery of Plato's story of Atlantis - was it just fiction or based on reality?

The show is being broadcast by History in the USA only.

22 January 2021 - Lynn Picknett, Spy?
Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, continue on Patreon.

In this instalment: Lynn gets married under odd - and somewhat unpromising - circumstances; becomes Editor of a 'relationships' (soft porn) publication and employs a prostitute; meets her real mother; hovers on the verge of a breakdown; gets fired by her bitch-boss, but is briefly comforted by Tommy Cooper (yes, really); she falls out bigtime with her born-again sister-in-law; becomes a housewife (!) but gets approached to become a spy; and a viscount shows her his piggeries...

If all that isn't enough of a tease, what is? To learn more, become Lynn's patron.

15 January 2021 - New on Patreon: Nicolas Flamel and the Lying Raven (Part One)
In their new Patreon feature, Lynn and Clive revisit the mystery of Nicolas Flamel, hailed as one of the great figures in the history of alchemy – a reputation that, according to some, is a complete fabrication.

Their examination of Flamel's history and the growth of his legend sets the scene for their own experiences in the head-spinning world of French esoteric orders during their research for The Templar Revelation.

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8 January 2021 - The UnXplained: Mysterious Mummies
Lynn was featured in this episode of History’s The UnXplained with William Shatner, which explores humankind's fascination with mummification since the days of ancient Egypt, and what it tells us about beliefs about life beyond death. Other contributors included writer Ahmed Osman, anthropologist Tok Thompson and physicist Michio Kaku.

8 January 2021 - The Unchosen at Number 15: latest
The new instalment of Lynn's memoirs is out today for her patrons on Patreon.

In this, she smashes eggs over her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend in front of his boss, finally meets her birth family (apart from her mother), joins the Not Terribly Good Club of Great Britain (but is seriously over-qualified for membership), and makes two of the gravest mistakes of her life: she gets drawn into the vicious and murky world of 1970s politics - and into marriage...

3 January 2021 - New on Patreon: Jesus - Was He Just Fake News? continued
In part two about the reality - or not - of the man called Christ, L&C continue their investigation into the evidence. Did Jesus really exist? Did he really say and do the things the Bible describes - or were they just part of a cynically-concocted myth?

Lynn and Clive's features, giving updates to their books and insights into their ongoing research, are available exclusively to their supporters on Patreon.

2 January 2021 - The UnXplained with William Shatner – and Lynn
The second season of The UnXplained hosted by the legendary William Shatner - Captain Kirk, no less! - and produced by Prometheus Entertainment began airing on the History channel in the USA yesterday. Lynn is appearing in four episodes, on Atlantis, ancient Egyptian mummies, ancient building marvels such as the pyramids and the mysteries of the moon. Check History's schedule for the air dates.

The series will also be available on Amazon Prime, again in the USA only. There's no news yet on a UK screening.

28 December 2020 - Lynn and Clive's New Year features on Patreon
Exclusive features for L&C's patrons on Patreon coming in January are:

3 January - Jesus: Was He Just Fake News? (Part Two) Continuing the examination of the evidence for and against the 'Christ Myth' theory, this part covers the gospel accounts of Jesus' mission, its momentous end in Jerusalem - and his alleged resurrection. Expect some surprises...

15 January - Nicolas Flamel and the Lying Raven Nicholas Flamel is perhaps the most famous alchemist in history, achiever of the Great Work and acquirer of the Philosophers' Stone. (Even the first Harry Potter novel says so, as did L&C in The Templar Revelation). But was he? Were the stories of his alchemical achievements just a later fabrication, which fooled, among others, Isaac Newton? While re-visiting their earlier references to Flamel, L&C also re-evaluate their own encounters with a twentieth-century alchemist, aptly demonstrating that the tradition of alchemical gameplaying is far from over…

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23 December 2020 - Portuguese Templar publication date
Alma dos Libros have set the publication date for the new Portuguese edition of The Templar Revelation (O Segredo dos Templários). It will be out on 25 February.

This new translation includes an extensive update, based on the 10th anniversary UK edition (not previously available in Portugal) but with even newer material updating the update.

22 December 2020 - The Unchosen: the story continues...
The second of this month's instalments of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, is out for her Patreon subscribers today.

In this episode, set in the late 1970s, Lynn returns to her office job with a boss who hates her, is comforted by a famous Scottish comedian, headhunted by a TV executive as girlfriend for his boyfriend, accidentally insults Thames TV head Verity Lambert and becomes involved in the world of Rock Follies. More impossibly weird stuff happens in York, and Lynn gets invited to Buckingham Palace - then comes a big wind of change...

15 December 2020 - Lynn and Clive to guest at Cuyamungue Institute online Q&A
On 24 January, Lynn and Clive will be guests on the Sunday discussion held by the Cuyamungue Institute in New Mexico, which is dedicated to the revival and preservation of ancient wisdom traditions. They'll be talking about When God Had a Wife and the sacred feminine in general.

The two-hour live Q&A is on Zoom and hosted by Institute director Laura Lee and President Paul Robear, and starts at 9am PST (5pm in the UK). For details of how to join in, see the Cuyamungue Institute's web site.

15 December 2020 - New on Patreon: Jesus - Just Fake News?
The first part of Lynn and Clive's double feature on the knotty question, often asked these days, of the historical reality of Jesus is out today for their supporters on Patreon. Following on from all the exciting material presented in The Masks of Christ, it provides key evidence for the reader to make up their own mind.

Appropriately enough for this festive season, the first part covers the Nativity story.

9 December 2020 - Forbidden History: The Search for the Real Moses
The final episode of the series, produced and directed by Charlie Clayton, focuses on Moses, a key figure in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, asking whether he was real or just a myth, and examining his story as told in the Bible.

Lynn deals with the theory equating Moses with the 'heretic pharaoh' Akhenaten - arguing that the similarities between the two have been overplayed - the idea that Moses' 'burning bush' experience may have been due to the hallucinogenic effects of the smoke, and the parallels between the Ten Commandments and the Negative Confession in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Along with the other members of the regular team, there are contributions from Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers, oceanographer Simon Boxall, art historian Bob Bianchi, Rick Doblin of the Association for Psychedelic Studies, and writer Ahmed Osman.

The programme also features two of L&C's chums: Graham Phillips, talking about his theories identifying Moses with Thutmose, the brother of Akhenaten, and Petra in Jordan as the true location of Mount Sinai - and Carrie Kirkpatrick, priestess and author, on Moses' use of Egyptian magic.

There's the usual Sunday repeat (13 December) at 10pm, and the show, along with all the others in this and past series, can be watched on UKTV Play.

8 December 2020 - The Unchosen latest
The latest instalment of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen from Number 15 is out today for her readers on Patreon.

In this highly engaging episode: Princess Margaret is indiscreet about her husband; Elton John saves Lynn from serious harm; she gets a shocking revelation in the middle of watching Cabaret; Tom Baker (Doctor Who) invites her out; Anthony Hopkins behaves disgracefully; and she drinks with Max Wall. There's more hilarious eccentricity from her flatmates, with Victor's bizarre version of Oklahoma! and Angelica stunning her respectable parents as Sally Bowles, Victor visiting Romania where he gets 'rabies' - and Lynn being very naughty with Angus' stuffy family...

To join The Unchosen's readers, click here.

2 December 2020 - Forbidden History: The Salem Witch Trials
In an especially compelling episode, Forbidden History examines events in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 when, in an outbreak of mass hysteria, 20 innocent women and men were executed as witches based on allegations by their neighbours. The programme looks at the impact of the trials and how things have changed in the USA - with Salem, ironically given that there weren’t any real witches involved, but fittingly, now being the USA's capital of witchcraft and a safe haven for witches.

The show's guide is Sam Baltrusis, a historian of the Salem trials and author on the paranormal - and a descendant of one of the chief accusers. In a particularly moving scene, he and Wiccan High Priestess Dana Masson, a victim’s relative, perform a ritual to heal the wounds of the past. Also interviewed are local historian Thomas Vallor and modern Salem witches Nick Dickinson and Jacqui Allouise. Directed by Charlie Clayton, this episode includes dramatic reconstructions of the events.

Lynn describes the tragedy of the events of 1692, and how similar persecutions still happen in some parts of the world.

Those who missed it can catch the show's repeat on Sunday, 5 December, or watch it on UKTV Play.

1 December 2020 - Ancient Aliens upcoming
An episode of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens featuring Lynn premieres in the USA on Friday, 4 December at 9pm Eastern Time. Entitled 'The Galactic Keyhole', the programme looks at this mysterious symbol which is found around the world in ancient art and texts. The new season of Ancient Aliens airs on Sky History in the UK in January.

1 December 2020 - Patreon: The Grail Trail 2
The second part of L&C's feature on the Holy Grail is out today on Patreon. It focuses on Wolfram von Eschenbach's telling of the Grail quest, Parzival, as part of their exploration of the questions of whether a single object, or a single secret tradition, lay behind the tales.

25 November 2020 - Forbidden History: The Secret World of the Vatican
The Forbidden History team turn their attention to the Vatican, headquarters of the Catholic Church, and the various scandals, controversies and conspiracy theories (and conspiracies) it's been embroiled in.

Produced and directed by Patrick Hewlett, the programme examines the Church's alleged collaboration with the Nazis and the Vatican's links with the Mafia. It also features historian John Dickie and investigative journalist Philip Willan on its financial scandals and the mysterious death of 'God's Banker' Roberto Calvi, and the alleged murder of Pope John Paul I in 1978. It ends with a segment on the Jesuits' astronomical observatory in Arizona, asking why the Vatican is interested in the stars, interviewing astronomers Father Jean-Baptiste Kikwaya and Professor Chris Impey on the observatory's contribution to astronomy.

As usual, there's a repeat on Sunday, 5 December, and on-demand availability on UKTV Play.

24 November 2020 - December on Patreon
Lynn and Clive's features in December, exclusively for their supporters on Patreon will be:

1 December - The Grail Trail: The Never-Ending Quest (Part Two) L&C continue on their quest, delving deeply into the traditions behind the various tales, and ultimately asking was there really any such thing as the Holy Grail?

15 December - Jesus: Fake News? The idea that Jesus never existed is rapidly trending. To many he's simply a cynical first-century invention. As we come up to the celebration of his birth, L&C investigate the case for and against, and uncover the origins of this idea. And their conclusions might surprise you...

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22 November 2020 - Metal bending and mind bending
Continuing Lynn's memoirs, exclusive to her Patreon subscribers. Now in London in the early 1970s, Lynn takes us behind the scenes with metal-bender Uri Geller, encounters Victor and Hugo, gets into her dream flat (but only after a dire tragedy), and is in serious danger from a tiger in the English countryside. TV star Gareth Hunt moves into the flat, leading to jolly times - but can they last?

18 November 2020 - Forbidden History: The Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle
The subject this week is the mysterious area of the Atlantic Ocean where, according to many, ships and planes disappear or are inexplicably wrecked. Jamie Theakston takes the viewer through various would-be explanations - from portals to other dimensions, energy from Atlantis, experiments in the US Navy’s 'Area 51', the top secret AUTEC base in the Bahamas, to more mundane explanations in terms of extreme weather and rogue waves. The show also examines sightings of UFOs and USOs (unidentified submersible objects) in the Triangle. Along with other regular expert contributors, Lynn talks about the various theories, the history of the Triangle and her own UFO sighting.

Produced and directed by Patrick Hewlett, the episode features, among others, pilot Cary Gordon Trantham on her terrifying experience of disorientation and instrument failure in the area where Flight 19 famously vanished, 'rogue archaeologist' David Childress, meteorologist Hugh Willoughby, ex-AUTEC contractor Dave Malcolm and oceanographer Simon Boxall.

For those who missed it, the episode - along with all the others aired so far - can be watched on UKTV Play or on Sunday's repeat (22 November).

15 November 2020 - The Grail Trail, Part One
The first of a two-parter exclusively for L&C's supporters on Patreon is out today. It explores the magical history of the Holy Grail tale and, based on their up close and personal view of one candidate for the Grail, and asks what, if anything, really inspired these sagas?

11 November 2020 - Forbidden History: The Nazi Belief in the Occult
As usual, Lynn appears in this week's episode, produced and directed by Patrick Hewlett, which explores the occult ideas and beliefs that inspired the racial and quasi-religious aspects of Nazi ideology. Historian Eric Kurlander, a specialist in the Nazis' 'supernatural imaginary', tours various German sites such as the notorious SS centre of Wewelsburg castle, and there are contributions from neo-pagan Gavin Bone on the Nazis' use of runes and stage magician and playwright Neil Tobin on Hitler's employing of stage craft.

The programme also examines the use of magic on the British side, such as the Cone of Power ritual carried out by witches to ward off a German invasion in what amounts to a 'secret occult war', discussed by wiccans Philip Heselton and Janet Farrar.

The episode is ready to view on UKTV Play and there's the usual repeat on Sunday (15 November) at 9.35pm.

8 November 2020 - The Unchosen from Number 15: Everything changes
With Lynn's momentous move from York to London in 1971, her memoirs now become The Unchosen from Number 15.

In this instalment she encounters John Hurt's drunken antics, besides artists and writers in famous Soho pubs, gets backstage gossip about Liza Minelli and Marilyn Monroe, experiences a night of real terror after seeing The Exorcist, starts working on an occult magazine, meets the King of the Witches, and gets an invitation to join the Dracula Society – when everything changes...

The Unchosen from Number 15 is available in twice-monthly instalments to subscribers to Lynn's Patreon account.

5 November 2020 - Bulgarian books
Leading Bulgarian publisher Bard are to publish translations of two of L&C's books: a new and updated edition of The Stargate Conspiracy and the first Bulgarian edition of The Forbidden Universe. Great news!

Thanks to Zlatka Miranova of the Anthea Agency in Sofia and Kate Hibbert at Little, Brown in the UK for making it happen.

4 November 2020 - Forbidden History: The Secrets of the Pyramids
Lynn appears on this week's episode which focuses on the enduring fascination with the mysteries of pyramids, covering the archaeological understanding of their origins and purpose along with more unconventional views.

The show, produced and directed by Charlie Clayton, visits pyramids in Egypt, Mexico and, more controversially, Bosnia, exploring questions such as whether they were constructed purely as just tombs or something more, who built them and why, and whether the various pyramid sites around the world are connected in some way.

Specialist contributors to this week's episode include Egyptologists Marianne Tames-Demauras and Meredith Brand, archaeologist Sergio Gómez Chavez, Megalithomania's Hugh Newman, art historian Bob Bianchi and Sam Osmanagich, explorer of the Bosnian pyramid.

As usual, there’s a repeat on Sunday, 7 November, at 9.35pm and UKTV Play for on-demand viewing.

4 November 2020 - Patreon: The Paranormal and the Limits of Science
L&C's first November feature is out today for their subscribers on Patreon.

'The Paranormal and the Limits of Science: New Perspectives on Mind, Matter - and Reality Itself' examines new ideas from physics, neuroscience, anthropology and religious studies that are enabling a new understanding of reality that opens the way for even the strangest paranormal phenomena to be accepted - one day...

1 November 2020 - November on Patreon
Because of a busy schedule filming for three TV documentary series that all happened at the same time, L&C are a little behind with their features for Patreon this month.

Their first November feature, 'The Paranormal and the Limits of Science' will be out in the next couple of days. A follow-up to their last feature, 'Sceptics in the Spotlight', it looks at new evidence and thinking emerging from science and other academic fields that enables a better understanding of the paranormal - but also reveals the limits of science: while its boundaries might be widened, will some kinds of reality always be beyond its reach?

And coming on 15 November is 'The Grail Trail: The Never-Ending Quest', in which L&C turn their attention to some new perspectives on the Holy Grail, examining the origins of the legend and revisiting their previous investigation in The Templar Revelation with some provocative new material. They will also relate their own very special encounters with not one but two Holy Grails…

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28 October 2020 - Forbidden History: The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls
This week's subject is the mysterious and controversial crystal skulls, said to be Mesoamerican and which have been credited with supernatural powers: are they genuine or 19th century fakes?

As one of the regular panel, Lynn appears, talking about beliefs about the skulls' otherworldly properties and the meaning of the Mexican Day of the Dead. As well as other regular panel experts, the show, directed by Charlie Clayton, features 'sceptical investigator' Joe Nickell, material scientist Ashwini Bharanthula and spiritual healer Star Johnsen-Moser.

There's the usual repeat on Yesterday on Sunday, 1 November, and on-demand viewing on UKTV Play.

22 October 2020 - The Unchosen Part 10: From Royal Ghost (maybe) to MI5 (perhaps)
The latest instalment of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, is out today on Patreon.

In this episode, she does go to the ball, with a Gay Hussar on York's magical night - with whom she encounters a strangely convincing Charles II lookalike, who seems to vanish into thin air. She becomes a teacher - and causes mayhem before being invalided out - falls for a sociopath (later seriously considered as a candidate for the Yorkshire Ripper), gets engaged to a Dutch Mummy's boy, is snowed in at the famous Black Bull Inn in the Brontës' village of Haworth when it gets rather weird... and is rejected by a London employment bureau that's almost certainly a front for MI5 - before finally getting a job in London!

21 October 2020 - Forbidden History: The Search for Noah's Ark
This week's episode, narrated as usual by Jamie Theakston, follows Andrew Jones and his research team who believe that a ship-shaped formation near Mount Ararat in Turkey is the remains of Noah's Ark, and are employing modern technology in an attempt prove the reality of the Flood.

Lynn talks about Noah as 'the ultimate climate change hero' - and the lack of evidence for a global flood. There are also contributions by geomorphologist David Montgomery, who gives a geological explanation for the formation, and Assyriologist Selina Wisnom discussing Sumerian tales that parallel but long predate the Bible story. The episode is produced and directed by Patrick Hewlett.

As usual, there's a repeat on Sunday, 25 October at 9.40pm, and the episode can be watched on UKTV Play.

15 October 2020 - Patreon: Sceptics in the Spotlight
L&C's latest Patreon feature, 'Sceptics in the Spotlight: When Science becomes Pseudoscience', which examines the main objections to the paranormal - and why they don't stand up - is out today.

14 October 2020 - Forbidden History: The Nazi Search for Relics
Series 6 of Forbidden History continues on Yesterday with an exploration of the Nazis' theft of holy relics and icons, such as Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece and the Holy Lance (aka Spear of Destiny), and their attempts to create a new religion. Among the regular contributors, Lynn talks about Himmler's occult beliefs and on the search for looted art and relics after Germany's defeat.

Produced and directed by Simon Goodall, the episode also features art crimes investigator Noah Charney, journalist Joanna Lamparska on the Nazis' theft of religious artefacts from Poland, and Dr Franz Kirchweger, curator of the Imperial Treasury in Vienna. It's repeated on 18 November at 9.35, and is on UKTV Play.

8 October 2020 - The Unchosen Part 9: Pain, comfort - and triumph!
Continuing the story of her university years, the ninth instalment of Lynn's memoirs is available for subscribers to her Patreon account. She tells of the 'Spanish Tragedy' that nearly was, has a somewhat rocky stay in hospital, where Ricky takes on the sadistic nurse who made her life a misery and an old teacher comforts her in a very vivid dream. She discovers the secret to passing her finals exam, though the zealots complain officially about her degree, and her Mum gets drunk at her graduation.

7 October 2020 - Forbidden History: The Shroud of Turin
This week's episode sees Lynn return to a subject dear to L&C's hearts - the subject of their first book. Appearing this time as a specialist contributor rather than a panel commentator, she outlines the case for the Turin Shroud being created by Leonardo da Vinci, describing L&C's replication of his method - and the 'smoking gun' of Leonardo's Salvator Mundi.

The show even-handedly presents the case for and against the Shroud being the genuine burial shroud of Jesus, together with theories of how the image could have been created artistically. It includes dramatic reconstructions of Jesus' burial and of Leonardo making the Shroud.

Other specialist contributors include Professor Bruno Barberis of the International Centre for the Study of the Shroud of Turin, prominent Shroud sceptic Joe Nickell, Shroud researcher Barrie Schwortz, forensic anthropologist Dr Mattei Borrini on the blood flows on the Shroud, microbiologist Stephen Mattingly who believes the Shroud to be genuine, and Luigi Garlaschelli of the University of Pavia on the Shroud image as an artistic creation.

As always, there is a repeat on Yesterday on Sunday, 11 October at 9.35pm, and the programme is available for on-demand viewing on UKTV Play.

1 October 2020 - Patreon: Hess revisited
L&C's new feature 'Double Helix, Double Bluff? Revisiting the Rudolf Hess Doppelgänger Theory', is available only to their Patreon patrons today. It revisits the conclusions of their 2001 book Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up, co-written with Stephen Prior and Robert Brydon, in the light of new DNA evidence.

30 September 2020 - Forbidden History: The Mystery of the Lost Japanese Treasure
Lynn appears in the opening episode of the new series of Yesterday’s Forbidden History, about 'Yamashita's treasure', the rumoured hidden trove of gold and other treasures plundered by the Japanese during the Second World and buried somewhere in the Philippines. The show, narrated by Jamie Theakston, follows Austrian treasure hunter Klaus Dona in his exploration of a network of tunnels in a secret location, being joined by researcher and explorer Andrew Gough.

The episode will be repeated on Sunday, 4 October at 9.35pm and is available to watch on UKTV Play.

28 September 2020 - Patreon features coming in October
Lynn and Clive's features, exclusive to their supporters on Patreon, for October will be:

1 October: Double Helix, Double Bluff? Revisiting the Rudolf Hess doppelgänger theory This is an update to their 2001 Double Standards: The Rudolf Hess Cover-Up, written in collaboration with Stephen Prior and Robert Brydon, which investigated the many mysteries surrounding Adolf Hitler's Deputy Führer, who made an extraordinary and still unexplained flight to Britain in the midst of the Second World War. Hess was to spend the rest of his long life as a prisoner, dying as the sole inmate of a Berlin jail in 1987 at the age of 93. One of the most enduring mysteries centres on the jaw-dropping claim that the prisoner wasn't actually Hess, but a double or doppelgänger. But in the light of new DNA evidence that apparently discredits the theory, what does this mean for Double Standards?

15 October: Sceptics in the Spotlight: When Science becomes Pseudoscience – and it’s not what you think! Most scientists routinely dismiss all claims of the paranormal as by definition impossible. But, as L&C reveal, not only do they ignore the hard facts about unexplained events but also the growing number of scientific explanations for even 'high strangeness' phenomena. And they reveal that underlying their scepticism is a startling double standard.

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22 September 2020 - The Unchosen Part 8: Cracking up
In this instalment, available on Patreon today, Lynn arrives at Aberystwyth University. A sceptic flees from an invisible force that cracks her window, she makes Number 3 in the religious zealots' Top Ten Sinners List, is shocked to discover the malice of 'friends', experiences her greatest humiliation - and then suffers her great unravelling...

15 September 2020 - Bad Omens
L&C's latest feature, 'Bad Omens: Fear and Apocalyptic Angst in Elizabethan England', is out today for their subscribers on Patreon.

It explores the impact of - and the sometimes surprising reasons for - the age's apocalyptic expectations on literature and the origins of science.

8 September 2020 - The Unchosen Part 7: From the famous Mr Pithball to an Irish saga like no other
The latest part of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, is now out on Patreon. There's more haunting, but this time also in a pub! She introduces the famous Mr Pithball, works - hilariously - as a packer of After Eight Mints in Rowntree's Chocolate Factory, is invited to discuss her weird novel about the male gay underworld with London's trendiest publisher, and goes on a mad holiday to Ireland in a horse-drawn caravan, which is mostly surreal and funny, but there's a dark side... she and her companions are attacked and have a tune played to them by an old IRA man - on an English soldier's bones.

5 September 2020 - Coming soon: Forbidden History 6
Series 6 of Forbidden History is to begin airing in the UK on Yesterday on Wednesday, 30 September at 8pm. As with previous seasons, Lynn is one of the regular panel of experts commenting on the mysteries, theories and stories featured in each episode.

Narrated by Jamie Theakston, this year's series consists of 11 episodes, covering subjects as varied as Biblical mysteries such as Noah's Ark and the truth about Moses; classic enigmas such as the Bermuda Triangle, crystal skulls and the pyramids; hidden treasures looted by the Nazis and Japanese in the Second World War, and many others. For the full list see Yesterday's web site.

Lynn and Clive are particularly excited about the second episode - about the Shroud of Turin, the subject of their first book. Lynn presents the case for the image on the Shroud being a photograph by Leonardo da Vinci.

Alongside familiar faces Richard Felix, Andrew Gough, Tony McMahon, Dominic Selwood and Guy Walters, this series' panel of expert commentators includes historian Karen Bellinger, art historian Sheila Hoffman and archaeologist and ex-special forces operative Klint Janulis.

Forbidden History is produced by Like a Shot Entertainment. The executive producers are Bruce Burgess and Henry Scott.

Each programme will be repeated on the following Sunday and will be available on UKTV Play for on-demand viewing after the first broadcast.

4 September 2020 - Saunière Society talk cancelled
Unsurprisingly, given the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the Saunière Society's symposium in Newington on 10 October, at which Lynn and Clive were due to give a talk on When God Had a Wife, has been cancelled. Hopefully it will be rescheduled for early next year.

1 September 2020 - New on Patreon: The Evolution of Evolution
L&C's new Patreon feature is out today, looking at the many ironies in the development and acceptance of the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution. Exclusive to their patrons on Patreon.

26 August 2020 - Lynn & Clive's September Patreon features
Upcoming features exclusive to L&C's patrons on Patreon will be:

1 September: The Evolution of Evolution
Darwin's theory of evolution was original, complete and totally God-less - right? Actually, the evolution of evolution was complex and full of ironies, as L&C reveal in this feature. Among other surprises, Darwin's theory left room for a Creator, he never claimed that natural selection explained everything, and the likes of Richard Dawkins are much more inflexible than Darwin himself...

15 September: Bad Omens: Fear and Apocalyptic Angst in Elizabethan England
Looking back, Elizabethan England seems like a golden age, but in fact it was one of rising hysteria and even panic. Developing a theme discussed in The Forbidden Universe, we show how challenging new science and apocalyptic events such as a supernova and an earthquake shook old certainties radically - but also inspired some of the greatest literary works in the English language and influential sages such as John Dee… And then suddenly there were three queens in a row… Had God changed the rules?

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22 August 2020 - Where Did the Road Go?
L&C's interview by Seriah Azkath for his show Where Did the Road Go? was broadcast on WBVR 93.5. It ended up being a mixture of solid discussion - especially about Simon Magus - and good fun! And they were delighted to be asked to stay on for a special segment for the show's Patreon content.

The interview will be available for on-demand listening on the Where Did the Road Go? archive in about a week's time.

22 August 2020 - The Unchosen, part 6
The latest instalment of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, is out today for her patrons on Patreon...

In this episode there's more dramatic haunting as Lynn's Mum's long-dead father refuses to leave number 15, she finds light relief at the male gay pub, sees the Beatles live!, experiences the terror of the major exams and their successes and failures, leaves school, and the cold, hard world comes to meet her...

15 August 2020 - Patreon: Lucifer's Devilish Attraction
Lynn and Clive's latest Patreon feature is available to patrons today.

As Netflix's Lucifer prepares to make his final bow, they look at the back history of the real Lucifer - or as real as he ever gets - and ask just what's his appeal? Among the many other questions they ask are: Is he really the same as Satan? Could Lucifer actually be an inspirational role model? And how have the mindset and attributes of Luciferians contributed significantly to the history of science? They present an unashamedly personal view of Lucifer, Satan and their followers...

08 August 2020 - The Unchosen: Lynn's Mormon years
The fifth instalment of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, is available to her Patreon subscribers.

Lynn says: 'Read all about my teenage years as a Mormon - the ecstasy of conversion, the delirious infatuation with a missionary, my embarrassing fanaticism... then the creeping disillusionment, being closeted under bizarre circumstances with a sexual predator, the arrogance of the Temple workers, the unspeakable sexism - and, the last straw of all, the disgusting treatment of my tormented gay friend.'

06 August 2020 - When God Had a Wife on Where Did the Road Go?
On Saturday, 22 August, L&C will be appearing on Where Did the Road Go? the weekly show exploring the paranormal and other 'fringe' topics hosted by Seriah Azkath on WBVR 93.5 and online. The show starts at 11.30 Eastern time - to listen in go WBVR’s web site.

The show will be available after the broadcast on Where Did the Road Go's archive.

01 August 2020 - Patreon: In His Own Image?
The latest members-only members-only Patreon feature by L&C is out today.

Entitled 'Mona Lisa: In His Own Image?', it sifts the evidence for Leonardo da Vinci's most famous portrait actually being a self-portrait - and examines the motives for his great transgender joke.

27 July 2020 - August's features on Patreon
Lynn and Clive's exclusive August features for their patrons will be:

1 August: Mona Lisa: In Whose Image? It's the most famous painting in the world, but it hides a great secret... Just who is the enigmatically smiling - or smirking - Mona Lisa, by the great da Vinci? We dig deep into all the evidence and the answer will surprise - and even shock - you. Could 'she' really be Leonardo's great transgender joke?

15 August: Lucifer: The Ultimate Bad Boy? As the TV series Lucifer nears its finale, we look at Lucifer himself, the very archetype of evil. But what are his origins and why is this Ultimate Bad Boy still so appealing - and so sexy?

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22 July 2020 - The Unchosen at Number 15, part 4
The fourth instalment of Lynn's memoirs is now available to her subscribers on Patreon.

It tells the story of her troubled teen years, battling abuse at home, the humiliations of obesity - and escalating paranormal disturbances…

15 July 2020 - New on Patreon: Jesus' Beloved Disciple Revealed?
The second of L&C's July features exclusive to subscribers on Patreon is out today.

'Jesus Beloved Disciple Revealed?' examines the clues to the identity of this mysterious gospel figure - and its meaning for our understanding of Jesus.

14 July 2020 - World Spirituality with Reverend Paul John Roach
Lynn and Clive enjoyed their slot with Paul, chatting about issues raised in When God Has a Wife on his radio show on Unity FM.

Hear it on World Spirituality's archive.

Thanks to the Reverend Paul and Wendy Roach.

8 July 2020 - The Unchosen at Number 15, part 3
Lynn’s subscribers on Patreon receive the third instalment of her memoirs today.

In this one she continues her description of life in 1950s' Eldon Terrace, York - the eccentric neighbours and their corpse-viewing cult, and then the terrible trauma of her Mum's hospitalisation, and the Big Secret it concealed…

1 July 2020 - Cocteau in the Underworld
The first of Lynn and Clive's July exclusive features for their subscribers on Patreon is out today.

'Cocteau in the Underworld: Mythmakers, Angels and Demons' examines the hidden life of French luminary of many artistic talents Jean Cocteau - including new revelations on his connection with the controversial Priory of Sion.

29 June 2020 - Portuguese Templar
L&C are cockahoop that there's going to be a new Portuguese edition of The Templar Revelation. A new translation, it's being published by Alma dos Livros early next year, and will contain an extensive update to the previous Europa-America edition.

Thanks to Sara Nabais at Alma dos Livros for patiently organising it.

22 June 2020 - The Unchosen at Number 15, part 2
The second instalment of Lynn's memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, is out today for her subscribers on Patreon.

In this part Lynn has an extraordinary life-changing dream of drowning, encounters her long-dead Grandfather in Number 15, and there's a mysterious crash as her Grannie lies dead downstairs…

19 June 2020 - Patreon features for July
Lynn and Clive have announced their specially-written features coming next month exclusively for their patrons on Patreon:

1 July: Cocteau in the Underworld: Mythmakers, Angels and Demons, which explores the question of why the complex French filmmaker, playwright and artist Jean Cocteau was chosen to be named as Grand Master of a controversial secret society. L&C investigate Cocteau's life and works, revealing his often contradictory views on religion, mysticism, angels and historical truth – and the extraordinary power of myth.

15 July: Jesus' Beloved Disciple Revealed? Was Christ’s mysterious 'Beloved Disciple' the young John, Mary Magdalene - or quite another candidate? In this update to The Masks of Christ L&C examine the evidence – and reveal the identity of the most likely (and they’re probably not who you think they are!). The answer sheds new light on the making of the gospels and other enduring controversies about Jesus himself - including his sexuality.

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15 June 2020 - New Patreon Feature: Bad Faith, Bad Science
L&C's new feature article 'Bad Faith, Bad Science: Extremists on Both Sides of the Great Evolution Battle', is out today exclusively for their subscribers on Patreon.

4 June 2020 - Uplifting with Dr Paula
Lynn and Clive had a very enjoyable conversation with Dr Paula Joyce on her Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit show on the VoiceAmerica network. They talked about When God Had a Wife and its implications for society today. Their host was most enthusiastic about the book. Thanks to Dr Paula and her assistant Stephanie Gaither.

The show can be heard on-demand on the show's archive.

1 June 2020 - The Unchosen at Number 15: Lynn launches her memoirs on Patreon
Lynn has launched a Patreon account for her remarkable and revealing memoirs The Unchosen at Number 15: A Memoir from the Deepest Dark, which will be available exclusively to patrons.

The Unchosen at Number 15 is the story of how a Yorkshire girl from a poor background in the 1950s survived a badly haunted house, besides emotional and sexual abuse and conversion to a cult. How she became the UK's 'Paranormal Agony Aunt' and the co-author of the book that would inspire almost the whole world to talk about Jesus and Mary Magdalene…

For a monthly pledge of £3 (plus VAT/sales tax in relevant territories) patrons receive two monthly instalments in PDF format.

(PLEASE NOTE: Lynn's writing on historical and religious subjects will be available on her and Clive's joint Patreon page.)

To become a patron of Lynn’s memoirs, go to her Patreon page.

1 June 2020 - New Patreon feature: The Sacrificed Daughter’s Tale
Lynn and Clive’s feature article 'The Sacrificed Daughter's Tale: Ancient Israel's War Goddess Revealed?' is available today to subscribers to their joint Patreon account.

15 May 2020 - New Patreon feature on the real Leonardo
The second of Lynn and Clive's patron-only features is available on Patreon today.

Entitled 'Not the Messiah, But a Very Naughty Boy: Introducing the real Leonardo da Vinci, trickster - and heretic', this feature reveals that, contrary to the usual academic view, there was nothing stuffy about Leonardo. Quite the opposite! Famous in his day for being flamboyantly witty, he was also a highly skilled illusionist - and hoaxer. And if you don't get that aspect of his life you'll never truly understand his work. Because running parallel to his tricksy side was his deep contempt for the Church, references to which he hid in plain sight in his artworks - including one truly jaw-dropping example...

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13 May 2020 – Demokracija interview
The Slovenian weekly news magazine Demokracija carried an interview of L&C by Ian Bozic on subjects featured in The Templar Revelation: the heretical symbolism in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings, Mary Magdalene, the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar - and what it was like filming The Da Vinci Code.

11 May 2020 - Paradigm Explorer review
The new issue of Paradigm Explorer, the journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, carries a review of When God Had a Wife by editor David Lorimer, who writes that the book 'breaks new ground in showing how goddess worship was present in early Judaism' and is an 'important contribution' to the process of bringing the sacred feminine into our culture. Thanks, David!

8 May 2020 - June's Patreon features
L&C's upcoming features for their Patreon patrons are:

1 June: 'The Sacrificed Daughter's Tale: Ancient Israel’s Warrior Goddess Revealed?' Based on their ongoing research into one of the major themes of When God Had a Wife, the feature examines one of the most baffling, and even distasteful, stories in the Old Testament, that of Jephthah's – anonymous - daughter, slaughtered by her father to fulfil a promise to God. But as this feature reveals, an in-depth analysis of this nasty little tale contains some astonishing clues to the existence of an ancient Israelite cult of the warrior goddess - and her devoted priestesses...

15 June: 'Bad Faith, Bad Science: Extremists on Both Sides of the Great Evolution Battle', which explores in more depth a key theme of The Forbidden Universe, the clash between the most extreme atheists and fundamentalist Christians that uses evolution as its battleground - a battle in which no one is the winner. The feature shows how in their headlong rush to eradicate 'superstition', the New Atheists are not only seriously harming the whole practice of science with their closed minds and determination to squash honest debate, but they are turning into fanatical fundamentalists in their own right. And they even misrepresent Darwin himself!

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1 May 2020 - Lynn and Clive launched on Patreon!
Lynn & Clive's new venture on Patreon is launched today. For a monthly pledge of £3 (plus VAT in the UK) patrons get exclusive access to L&C's new and unpublished features.

The first feature, available today, is 'Sisters of the Temple: The Mysteries of Women in the Knights Templar', which challenges the usual image of the medieval Templars as the embodiment of everything macho and military. As L&C show, the Order of warrior monks actually included women, though mystery still surrounds them. What were their true roles? And why is their very existence not more widely acknowledged? The feature reveals an entirely new side to the always-mysterious Templars.

To become a patron, click on the button below.

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On 1 June Lynn will be launching a separate Patreon account, initially showcasing her memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, in monthly instalments.

30 April 2020 - Shamanic praise
When God Had a Wife has been given a great and enthusiastic review in the latest issue of Indie Shaman by Editor June Kent. She calls the book ‘a fascinating, thought-provoking read’ and ‘captivating and highly intriguing.’ Thanks, June!

To subscribe to this excellent magazine, go to the Indie Shaman web site.

28 April 2020 - Lynn and Clive on Patreon
An exciting new venture for L&C: on 1 May they'll be launching on Patreon, the online service that links creators directly with their audience.

For a minimal monthly subscription, Lynn & Clive’s patrons will get special access to their new and unpublished writings, with updates to their books and unique insights into their ongoing research and discoveries. In return, patrons will be enabling Lynn and Clive to research, investigate and write while maintaining their professional independence.

For just £3 (plus VAT for Brits) a month, patrons will receive two exclusive chapter-length features by Lynn and Clive each month as print-at-home PDFs.

The first month's features, available on 1 and 15 May, are 'Sisters of the Temple' on the mysteries of women in the Knights Templar, and 'Not the Messiah, But a Very Naughty Boy' which delves deeper into the character and mindset of Leonardo da Vinci.

For more details and, from 1 May, to join see Lynn and Clive's creator page on Patreon.

On 1 June Lynn will be launching a separate Patreon account, initially showcasing her memoirs, The Unchosen at Number 15, in monthly instalments.

12 April 2020 - Forbidden History: Legend of the Turin Shroud
The second episode of series six of Forbidden History, broadcast in the US at 9pm EST tonight, features Lynn discussing Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History and showing the apparatus that she and Clive used to create their own 'shrouds'.

6 April 2020 – World Spirituality invitation
On Tuesday, 14 July, Lynn and Clive will be appearing on World Spirituality hosted by the Reverend Paul John Roach on Unity Online Radio, to talk about When God Had a Wife. The one-hour show airs at 1pm CST. To listen in, go to Unity Radio's World Spirituality page.

30 March 2020 – WitchFest cancelled
The latest collateral damage of the COVID-19 pandemic is this year's WitchFest. The organisers, the Children of Artemis, have cancelled all their events for 2020.

CoA are hoping to put out online video presentations by the speakers - details to follow.

All of you stay safe and well!

27 March 2020 - Forbidden History 6 upcoming in USA
The new series of Forbidden History, once again featuring Lynn as a member of the regular panel of experts, is to start airing in the US on the Science Channel on Sunday, 5 April (9pm EST). The series kicks off with a two-hour special on the World War II mystery of Yamashita's treasure, and will be shown weekly at the same time.

The subject of the second episode, to be broadcast on 12 April, is the Turin Shroud and Lynn makes a more significant – and closer to her heart - contribution to this one, talking about her and Clive's research into Leonardo da Vinci's faking of the relic and how they reproduced what they believe to be his technique.

For details of the American broadcasts, see the Science Channel's schedule.

Forbidden History will be shown in the UK on Yesterday in the autumn – date to be announced.

The series is made by Like a Shot Entertainment. Executive producers are Henry Scott and Bruce Burgess, and the supervising producer for the Science Channel is Lindsey Foster Blumberg.

25 March 2020 - An appointment with the Life Doctor
Lynn and Clive have been invited to appear on the Uplift Your Life radio show hosted by Dr Paula Joyce, the ‘Life Doctor’. The live broadcast will be on Thursday, 4 June at 8am PST, on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel, and it will be available on the show’s archive afterwards.

22 March 2020 - Clive on Common Threads
This week it was Clive’s turn on Fred Stella’s Common Threads WGVU radio programme, with the broadcast of their discussion on When God Had a Wife. The programme can be heard on Common Threads’ archive from tomorrow.

15 March 2020 - Lynn on Common Threads
Lynn's conversation with Fred Stella, President of the Interfaith Dialogue Association, covering subjects raised in When God Had a Wife, was broadcast on his Common Threads programme on WGVU Radio. It will be available on Common Threads' archive from tomorrow. Fred's conversation with Clive is to follow next Sunday, 22 March.

15 March 2020 – Saunière Society London Symposium cancelled
The Saunière Society’s one-day symposium in London on 21 March at which L&C were due to speak on When God Had a Wife has been cancelled because of the coronavirus crisis. Their talk has been tentatively rearranged for the Society’s meeting in Folkestone on 10 October.

6 March 2020 - Energy Stew broadcast
L&C’s discussion with Peter Roth for his Energy Stew podcast is streamed today at 11.30am EST on the Progressive Radio Network, and will be available on the show’s archive afterwards.

3 March 2020 - PaganPages’ glowing review!
The pagan emagazine PaganPages reviewer, Saoirse, has given When God Had a Wife a glowing - and in-depth - recommendation, including this paragraph:

"This book is chock full of great history, amazing research, great messages, and intriguing writing. All devotees of religion in modern times ought to read it because of its exemplary research, revelation of ugly, uncomfortable truths we ALL need to accept, and its celebration of the once, present, and future goddesses who history and the patriarchy could not silence, and never will."

The review - and the whole magazine - can be read at

27 February 2020 - Cauldron stirred
L&C appeared live on Marla Brooks' Stirring the Cauldron podcast, dedicated to pagan and paranormal topics, on the Para-X Paranormal Radio Network. Despite having to get up for the ungodly (ungoddessly?) hour of 2am, the interview was so relaxed, fun and interesting that the allotted hour flew by. Apparently, the emails and social media responses from listeners as the programme was going out were all enthusiastically positive, too.

The show can be heard on various platforms: Stirring the Cauldron’s podcast page and YouTube channel, Marla's web site, both Marla’s and the show’s FaceBook pages and on iTunes. So no excuses for not listening.

Many thanks to Marla and her producer Sarge Guttuso for a great night.

26 February 2020 - 4 stars from FT
This month’s Fortean Times has given When God Had a Wife a four-stars-out-of-five review from Jay Vickers, who called it ‘well researched’ - a huge accolade from the usually highly critical and erudite FT reviewers!

21 February 2020 - God’s Wife comes to Atlantis – and the UK…
Lynn and Clive hosted their When God Had a Wife launch party at the Atlantis bookshop, for media and close friends. Great company and encouraging conversations! Huge thanks to Geraldine and Bali Beskin at the shop for yet another highly enjoyable – and successful - evening.

19 February 2020 - Professor Heather Couper: very sad news
It is with great sadness that Lynn and Clive mark the death of their friend, the astronomer, author and broadcaster Professor Heather Couper CBE, aged 70, after a short illness. They – particularly Lynn – had known her for many years, together with her great friend, companion and business partner Dr Nigel Henbest. Heather was, as Nigel said, utterly 'charismatic', and lit up the room. Her sheer glamour and talent for communication will be much missed. Condolences to Nigel and her family and wide circle of friends.

19 February 2020 - Energy Stew
Yet more publicity for When God Had a Wife. L&C recorded a conversation with Peter Roth for his Energy Stew podcast on the Progressive Radio Network. In a wide-ranging conversation, they focused on the near-complete suppression of the Sacred Feminine in Judaism, but its cyclical re-emergence in various guises. It'll be going out in March - date to follow.

12 February 2020 – Common Threads coming soon
Lynn and Clive recorded separate conversations about When God Had a Wife for the interfaith radio programme Common Threads, presented by Fred Stella. Common Threads is a co-production of WGVU-FM Radio and the Interfaith Dialogue Association, of which Fred is President.

The two programmes will be broadcast on 15 and 22 March respectively, at 7am and 6.30pm EST. You can listen to them live on WGVU's web site (or for those in West Michigan on 88.5 FM). They’ll be available on the web site after the broadcast.

9 February 2020 – Back among the witches!
L&C are absolutely delighted to be back on the bill at WitchFest International, the annual gathering organised by the Children of Artemis, which has returned to Croydon’s Fairfield Halls after its fallow years during the Halls’ renovation. L&C’s talk will be based on When God Had a Wife.

WitchFest is on Saturday, 7 November - more details to come nearer the time.

Thanks to CoA’s Dave Mercer for the invitation.

28 January 2020 – On the Edge with Rabbi Rami
L&C’s interview with Rabbi Rami Shapiro for his Conversations on the Edge podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play (for Androids). They discuss the disappearance of the divine feminine from Judaism and Christianity and the fall-out of this catastrophic loss – not only on those religions but also on Western culture in general.

Many thanks to Rami and his producer Ezra Bakker Trupiano.

22 January 2020 – In conversation with Rabbi Rami
L&C recorded a discussion with 'holy rascal' Rabbi Rami Shapiro for his weekly Conversations on the Edge podcast. The conversation focussed on the vexed history of the sacred feminine in Judaism and Christianity.

The show will be available some time in February on Apple Podcasts and Google Play – watch this space for more details…

22 January 2020 - Stirring the Cauldron upcoming
Another interview about WGHAW has been arranged: L&C will be appearing live on Stirring the Cauldron, the bewitching show hosted by Marla Brooks on the Para X Radio Network, at 9pm EST on Thursday, 27 February (that's 2am, 28 Feb in the UK).

To listen live, go to the Para X web site. The show will be archived after the broadcast.

21 January 2020 – Lynn, Clive and Dr Pat
L&C appeared on The Dr Pat Show hosted by Dr Pat Baccili on Seattle-based Transformation Talk Radio. The live show delved into the subjects explored in WGHAW, and their meaning for us today.

The interview is available as a podcast on Dr Pat's web site.

18 January 2020 – Lynn and Clive talk Shroud on Earth Ancients
And another podcast interview is available today. This time L&C are talking about their book Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History to Cliff Dunning on his Earth Ancients podcast.

The show can be heard on the Earth Ancients web site.

Thanks, Cliff!

18 January 2020 – Jim Harold’s Ancient Mysteries aired
An interview with L&C, discussing WGHAW, is now available on Jim Harold’s Ancient Mysteries on the Air podcast. To listen, click here.

Big thanks to Jim and producer Madelyne Hilker.

17 January 2020 – When God Had a Wife at the Saunière Society
Lynn and Clive will be back among their old friends at the Saunière Society to give a talk on WGHAW. It’s on Saturday, 21 March at the Musical Museum, 399 High Street, Brentford TW8 0PU, starting at 9.00 am.

For full details of the day, admission and to book, see the Saunière Society web site.

Thanks to Joy Millar and Chris Millar (Rat Scabies) for the invitation.

16 January 2020 – Aeon Byte online
L&C’s interview by Miguel Conner on Simon Magus and the Lost Goddess for his excellent Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio show is now online.

The show can be heard on Aeon Byte's web site, where it will be available to all for about a month before being moved to the subscribers' section.

16 January 2020 – Spirit Seeker
The January edition of Spirit Seeker Magazine, the online mind, body and spirit resource published by Cinde Meyer, includes a short extract from When God Had a Wife.

Thanks, as ever, to Manzanita Carpenter Sanz at Bear & Co. for arranging the ongoing publicity for WGHAW.

13 January 2020 – When God Had a Wife UK is here at last!
Stock of WGHAW is now in and available from Amazon UK (along with other online booksellers). The paperback (along with the Kindle and audiobook editions) can be ordered here (Amazon is still showing a delivery time of 1-2 months, but ignore that…):

10 January 2020 – Signed up with Dr Pat
WGHAW interviews continue… L&C will be appearing live on The Dr Pat Show, hosted by Dr Pat Baccili on KKNW AM1150, at 11am PST (7pm GMT) on Tuesday, 21 January. The show can also be heard on The Dr Pat Show's website or Transformation Talk Radio, and will then be available on the show’s archives.

9 January 2020 – The Shroud on Earth Ancients
In a delightful twist, in the middle of all the publicity for When God Had a Wife, L&C were asked to record an interview about the Turin Shroud for the podcast Earth Ancients with Cliff Dunning. It was a rare treat to discuss the whole complex subject of Leonardo da Vinci and the ‘Shroud’ for an hour, and it brought back all the excitement of their original discoveries.

The interview will be aired Saturday, 18 January, on, and will be available on the show’s archive.

9 January 2020 – When God Had a Wife UK release: a slight delay
Because of temporary shipping issues, the UK paperback edition of WGHAW, due out today, will not be available for a few more days – a confirmed date is to follow. Please be patient – it’s worth it!

The Kindle edition is available from today, joining the audio book. Both can be ordered from the When God Had a Wife page.

8 January 2020 - Voices of the Sacred Feminine
L&C enjoyed being interviewed by Dr Rev Karen Tate for her Voices of the Sacred Feminine podcast on BlogTalk Radio. The hour-long live interview ranged over some of the topics raised in When God Had a Wife - and the fact that synagogues and churches have along way to go to fully restore the sacred feminine to their religions.

The show can be heard on Voices of the Sacred Feminine's archive.

7 January 2020 – When God Had a Wife audio book is out!
The audio edition of WGHAW, read by Theresa Windmann, was released today in the UK (two days ahead of the print version!) and USA. It can be ordered via Amazon from the book’s page on this site.

22 December 2019 – Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio
The hearteningly enthusiastic wave of publicity for WGHAW continues… L&C recorded a 90-minute interview with Miguel Conner – ‘professional storyteller, garage philosopher, and hedge historian’ – for his Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio show. Apparently, reading The Templar Revelation many years ago caused him to seriously question his Catholic faith and set him on a new spiritual quest.

Details of the broadcast to follow…

14 December 2019 – Coast to Coast again
Coast to Coast AM with L&C’s old friend Ian Punnett. Great to be talking to him again!

The usual C2C 3-hour marathon flew past, though the final hour was a phone-in (of notably erudite callers). Ian had interspersed the interview with classic break-up songs, to reflect Yahweh’s troubled relationship with his spouse…

The entire show can be heard on C2C's web site.

11 December 2019 – Destination Unlimited broadcast
L&C’s interview by Victor ‘the Voice’ Fuhrman, covering WGHAW and other books, for his Destination Unlimited show on OM Times Radio was broadcast.

The show can be heard at OM Times' archive.

10 December 2019 – When God a Wife Is Out!
It’s the official launch of WGHAW USA, both the paperback and e-book, with the audiobook in preparation.

If you ever suspected God had a female partner, this will provide you with all the historical and archaeological evidence of the Sacred Feminine in both ancient Israelite worship and even into the Christian age.

9 December 2019 – Night-Light
L&C were interviewed about their new book on the funny and delightful Barbara DeLong’s Night-Light online radio show on BlogTalk Radio.

And it can be heard on Barbara's YouTube channel.

Many thanks to Barbara and her producer Mark Eddy.

8 December 2019 – Destination Unlimited recorded
L&C recorded their interview with Victor ‘the Voice’ Fuhrman for his show Destination Unlimited on OM Times Radio. He confessed to being an enthusiastic fan of their work. In addition to WGHAWhey also discussed their other books, including Turin Shroud, The Templar Revelation and The Stargate Conspiracy.

It’s going out at 8pm EST this coming Wednesday, 11 December, on OM Times Radio.

The show will be syndicated to various other sites the following day. See Destination Unlimited's web page for details.

6 December 2019 – Lynn and Clive in Dreamland
L&C appeared on world-famous controversial author Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland podcast on his Unknown Country web site, discussing WGHAW – a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking experience.

The full 90-minute show is available to subscribers to Unknown Country and a shortened version for all will be on Whitley’s web site for a limited time – for all the details see the show's web page.

5 December 2019 – Words of Wisdom
An excerpt from WGHAW is featured in the December Newsletter of Wisdom Magazine, one of America’s most popular holistic publications. See Wisdom's web site.

4 December 2019 – Fade to Black
L&C appeared live on Fade to Black, hosted by Jimmy Church, on KGRA Digital Broadcasting, talking about When God Had a Wife – their first PR date. The show can be heard on F2B’s site and other networks – for details see

3 December 2019 – When God Had a Wife US launch delayed (slightly)
For logistical reasons, the US launch date of WGHAW has been delayed by a week – it’s out 10 December now.

2 December 2019 – Back to Coast to Coast
L&C are confirmed for their old friend Ian Punnett’s show on Coast to Coast AM to talk about WGHAW – it’s a 3-hour live show, started at 11pm PST on Saturday, 14 December. Exciting!

2 December 2019 – The Edge magazine
The Edge magazine has selected WGHAW as one of the books – out of hundreds submitted – to share with its readers in its Winter 2019 post. See The Edge's web site.

28 November 2019 – When God Had a Wife – online!
Publicity begins for Lynn and Clive’s new book, When God Had a Wife, launched in the USA next week!

Live digital radio promotions include:

Fade to Black, hosted by Jimmy Church on KGRA Digital Broadcasting (and many other platforms), on Wednesday, 4 December at 7pm Pacific Standard Time (3am in the UK!). For ways to listen, see F2B's web site.

Night-Light presented by Barbara DeLong on BlogTalk Radio, on Monday, 9 December at noon EST (5pm UK).

Voices of the Sacred Feminine, Dr Rev Karen Tate's show also on BlogTalk Radio on Wednesday, 8 January, at 11am Pacific (7pm UK). The show will be available on-demand after the live broadcast.

Various pre-recorded shows are also lined up – details will be posted when broadcast dates are confirmed.

22 November 2019 – Invicta Historia broadcast
The Invicta Historia interviews were broadcast, syndicated to 60 radio stations in Spain – with an audience of 525,000! So big thanks to Carlos Mendez and translator Georgina Musolino, and of course host John Wolf, for making this amazing mega-event happen.

The show is available for online listening on Invicta Historia’s web site.

13 November 2019 – Interviews for Invicta Historia
More Spanish publicity, and this time not just for Lynn and Clive’s Turin Shroud book, El Gran Secreto del Leonardo da Vinci: they were interviewed for the syndicated radio show Invicta Historia, hosted by John Wolf – Lynn about Leonardo and the Shroud, and Clive on subjects covered in three of their books, The Masks of Christ, The Templar Revelation and The Sion Revelation.

The interviews will be broadcast on 22 November at 10pm Spanish time online and on associated radio stations – for details see Invicta Historia’s web site.

9 November 2019 - Mistérica online
Mistérica Radio Secreta’s interview with Clive about Leonardo and the Turin Shroud is now available on the Mistérica web site.

7 November 2019 – Mistérica broadcast
Clive’s interview about El Gran Secreto del Leonardo da Vinci by Belén Doblas for the weekly Mistérica Radio Secreta radio programme, presented by Pedro Ortega on the art, culture and science Internet radio station Radio Círculo, is broadcast today at 8pm Spanish time. See the Mistérica web site for details.

The programme will be available on Mistérica’s web site from 9 November.

29 October 2019 – Not the Messiah, but a very…
The Spanish magazine Más Allá, dedicated to strange phenomena and mysteries, carried a four-page piece, ‘El Rostro de la Sábana Santa es el Leonardo da Vinci’ (‘The Face on the Holy Shroud is that of Leonardo da Vinci’) by Maria Lorente, based on her interview with Clive during his publicity trip earlier this month.

26 October 2019 – Green Stone 40
Lynn and Clive were thrilled to appear at the Green Stone 40th Anniversary Convention at Wolverhampton’s Britannia Hotel, hosted by Andrew Collins and Graham Phillips and organised by Deborah Cartwright. This landmark event celebrated the 40th anniversary of the truly magickal happenings that ushered in the birth of psychic questing.

L&C spoke on The Stargate Conspiracy – it being its 20th anniversary – and the Council of Nine. Other speakers, besides Andrew, Graham and Debbie, were Paul Weston, Richard Ward and Caroline Wise. And as Biblical-style rain caused flooding around Wolverhampton, delegates and speakers remained in excellent spirits, thanks to the local Wetherspoons and a startlingly good curry at the Dilhad Indian Restaurant!

21 October 2019 – L&C signed to MacFarlane Chard
L&C are delighted to have been signed up to the distinguished MacFarlane Chard talent and media agency, who will represent them as consultants for TV and movie productions. Enormous thanks to Chris Murray for enabling this to happen, and to Peter MacFarlane for his generous help and guidance.

20 October 2019 – Turin Shroud in El Mundo
Javier Sierra’s article on L&C’s Shroud book for the Spanish national paper El Mundo - based on his conversation with Clive in León - is published to great acclaim. The article focuses on their bizarre meetings with ‘Giovanni’, allegedly a high-ranking member of the Priory of Sion, whose comments about the Shroud, off-the-wall though they seemed, actually checked out…

14 October 2019 – El Gran Secreto publicity
Clive had a packed day of back-to-back interviews promoting El Grand Secreto de Leonardo da Vinci in the library of the Hotel La Letras in Madrid’s Gran Vía, including, among others, with Maria Lorente of Más Allá magazine, the Italian news agency Ansa, Radio Círculo’s Mistérica programme. All were arranged by Luciérnaga’s publicist Lola Escudero, with Isabela Herranz again on hand as interpreter.

13 October 2019 – Master of the Prado
During a rest day in Madrid, Clive was given a tour of the Prado Museum, Spain’s national art gallery, by Javier Sierra, who took him through the esoteric and heretical reading of symbolism encoded in some of the gallery’s classic paintings, as featured in his haunting novel The Master of the Prado.

These included Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights, Velázquez’s Las Meninas, Titian’s La Gloria - and the Prado’s own Mona Lisa, long believed to be a late copy but revealed by recent restoration to have been painted at the same time as the Louvre original by Leonardo’s pupils – or perhaps by Leonardo himself…

12 October 2019 – Ocultura: Leonardo’s Great Secret revealed!
As Lynn was sadly too ill with agonising back spasms to travel, Clive undertook the publicity trip to Spain to launch El Grand Secreto de Leonardo da Vinci, the updated translation of Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History, published by Luciérnaga as part of its Ocultura series.

First on the itinerary was León for a talk about the book at Encuentros de Ocultura Internacionale (International Occulture Conference), a four-day festival of lectures, one per evening, organised by award-winning novelist and television personality Javier Sierra. This year’s theme was the Great Mysteries of Art, just right for L&C’s book. Clive’s talk was the closing one of the conference, on Saturday night which was also Spain’s National Day.

The day began with the regional paper Diario del León publishing a short article advertising the talk written by L&C.

In the morning Clive and Javier were given a private tour of the San Isidoro Basilica by Raquel Jaen, director of the Colegiata de San Isidoro , including the burial vault of the Kings of León and the Chalice of Doña Urraca, a – surprisingly plausible – candidate for the vessel that inspired the Holy Grail romances (or those in which it’s the Cup of the Last Supper).

In the evening came Clive’s keynote talk to a full house at León’s City Auditorium. Before the lecture, he met their publisher, Toñi Ramiro, head of Luciérnaga, who ceremonially presented him with a copy of the book. Then came the talk, with translation by L&C’s old friend Isabela Herranz - highlights being the video comparing the face of the man on the Shroud with Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi, and the finale showing the giant phallus in the Louvre Virgin of the Rocks… all shown on a giant screen. The talk was followed by a book signing. Phew!

All this was superbly organised by Javier and the team at the City Auditorium. Thanks too to the tour company Autores de Viajes, especially Sergio Garcia, for organising the travel.

6 October 2019 – Ocultura coming
The León newspaper La Nueva Cronica published a double-paged spread on the International Ocultura Conference, highlighting L&C's talk on Leonardo da Vinci and the Turin Shroud. All this successfully built the anticipation for the talk and the launch of the updated Spanish edition of Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History.

26-27 September 2019 – It’s Forbidden
Lynn filmed most of her contribution to Forbidden History series 6, as usual under the watchful eye of over-all director Bruce Burgess, but also with thanks to director Patrick Hewlett. The new format means that this time there’s no Jamie Theakston as presenter, but there are more episodes.

25 September 2019 – Five more for When God Had a Wife
When God Had a Wife has been awarded its second five-star review on NetGalley, by Lisa Davison, who commented: ‘For those want to further study this important piece of the history of religions, the book will not disappoint.’ Click here for the full review.

21 September 2019 – Turin Shroud’s 25th anniversary
A thrilling day! Today marks the 25th anniversary of the publication of L&C’s first book, Turin Shroud: How Leonardo Da Vinci Fooled History. Who would have thought that a somewhat hesitant meeting at Bloomsbury Publishers in 1993 would be the beginning of a co-authorship that shows no signs of grinding to a halt all these years later?

It’s highly gratifying that the book is not only still around – having been through three revisions, presenting new and compelling evidence for Leonardo da Vinci’s faking of the Shroud – but it even has a new lease of life with the updated Spanish edition about to be launched next month.

11 September 2019 – Green Stone 40 talk details
Details of L&C’s talk at the Green Stone 40th anniversary conference in Wolverhampton on 26 October have been finalised.

Entitled ‘The Nine Deception: 20 Years of The Stargate Conspiracy’, the talk will tell the extraordinary, fifty-year-long story of the 'Council of Nine' channelling cult, invented and maintained by truly X-Files style US government agents - the ultimate – apparently - psychic quest for power and mind manipulation, and a serious lesson in the reality of uncontrolled experimentation on the innocent. Twenty years ago Lynn and Clive exposed the 'Nine' in their ground-breaking book The Stargate Conspiracy, arguably helping to close down the experiment. But we forget the lessons at our peril...

For full details, and to book, see the conference web site.

9 September 2019 – Diario de León
Diario de León (Spanish regional newspaper) carried a big piece on the forthcoming International Ocultura Conference at which L&C are due to launch the updated Spanish edition of Turin Shroud.

4 September 2019 – When God Had a Wife audiobook
Bear & Co are to record an audiobook of When God Had a Wife. Details to follow when finalised…

31 August 2019 – Five stars for When God Had a Wife
When God Had a Wife has been awarded a five-star review, ahead of publication, on the professional readers’ web site NetGalley. Reviewer Cindy Coe, wrote (among other positive statements): ‘A fascinating, scholarly book about the divine feminine in Judaism and Christianity… Anyone who is interested in a scholarly approach to the Bible should read this book.’

For the full review, see NetGalley.

15 August 2019 – Forbidden Shroud filming
Lynn filmed about L&C’s Shroud discoveries for Forbidden History series 6, with Clive on hand as technical expert. Thanks to director Patrick Hewlett for making a long and intense day (almost) painless!

12 August 2019 – Nova Stellar
Lynn gave her talk: Mary Magdalene 'Christ’s Wife, Reformed Whore – or Strident Harpy with a Lust for Glory?' to the Nova Stellar Moot at the Castle Pub in Farringdon, London.

Thanks to Micki Binstead-Light for what was a brilliant evening, with lots of debate afterwards, not to mention jollity with old and new friends.

10 July 2019 – Lynn returns to Nova Stellar
Micki Binstead-Light has invited Lynn to give her controversial Mary Magdalene talk – ‘Christ’s wife, Reformed Whore – or Strident Harpy with a Lust for Glory? - to the Nova Stellar meet-up moot, at the Castle Pub in London, on Monday, 12 August. The talk will begin at 7.30 and the entry fee is a very reasonable £3.

7 July – When God Had a Wife UK launch date
The UK publication of When God Had a Wife has been set for 9 January 2020 – but it can be pre-ordered from Amazon NOW!

29 June 2019 – Secret Sauceress
Journalist Andy Martin’s article, ‘Saucerful of Secrets?’, about the apparent recent revival in UFOs after they’d fallen off the radar – literally and figuratively - over the last couple of decades quoted Lynn as author of The Mammoth Book of UFOs. Lynn took the line that UFOs are real – whatever that might mean – but also primarily ‘shape-shifters’ whose form takes culturally appropriate images.

5 June 2019 - News about the When God Had a Wife UK launch
A correction to the previous post: When God Had a Wife will be published in the UK in early January (exact date to be confirmed), about a month after it's launched in the USA. Pre-orders can be made from Amazon through the Shop page.

26 March 2019 - Ocultura update
Details have been decided about Lynn & Clive's appearance at the third International Occulture Conference in León in Spain. They will be the closing speakers for the four-day event, on Saturday, 12 October, talking about Leonardo and the Turin Shroud, to coincide with the launch of Ediciones Luciérnaga's Spanish translation of their book, Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History.

19 March 2019 - Shroud in Spain
To mark the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death, Ediciones Luciérnaga (Spanish publishers of The Masks of Christ and The Forbidden Universe) are publishing an updated translation of Turin Shroud: How Leonardo da Vinci Fooled History.

The book is part of Luciérnaga's Ocultura series, selected by Javier Sierra. It will be available to buy after L&C's appearance at the Ocultura conference in León in October - and of course they'll be happy to sign copies!

28 February 2019 - UFO Encounters podcast
L&C's interview with Jim Howard, discussing The Stargate Conspiracy, is now available to subscribers to his UFO Encounters podcasts.

27 February 2019 - Ocultura revisited
L&C are beyond delighted to be invited to speak at this year's International Occulture Conference being held in Leòn, Spain, from 9 to 12 October, especially after their last appearance in 2017 was such a resounding success - and a very happy occasion. Big thanks (again) to Javier Sierra for the invitation.

More details to follow.

15 February 2019 - When God Had a Wife launch date
The publication date for L&C's new book, exploring the sacred feminine in Judaism and early Christianity, has been set for 3 December in the USA and UK. Published by Bear & Co, it will be available as a paperback and an e-book.

Subtitled The Fall and Rise of the Sacred Feminine in the Judeo-Christian Tradition, the book presents the astonishingly overwhelming historical and archaeological evidence for goddess-worship among the ancient Israelites, especially Yahweh's consort Asherah, but which was also centred on other female deities such as the fierce warrior-goddess Anat.

L&C also show how the sacred feminine was written out of the religion during the post-Exile reforms - but survived underground in figures such as Lady Wisdom. Finally, they reveal how this secret - but enduring - tradition, dating all the way back to the Exodus from Egypt, can even be traced to the mission of Jesus and his 'heretical' counterpart Simon Magus, connecting with some of the key themes in The Templar Revelation and The Masks of Christ.

Advance orders can be placed through Bear & Co's web site or on Amazon.

13 February 2019 - Stargate interview
L&C were interviewed by Jim Harold for his UFO Encounters podcast about their seminal book The Stargate Conspiracy, which celebrates its 20th year in print this year.

The interview will be available on Jim's subscription web site within the next couple of weeks - details to follow.

7 February 2019 - Stargate on Kindle
To mark the 20th anniversary of The Stargate Conspiracy - amazingly it really has been in print in the UK and USA for all that time - Sphere have launched a Kindle edition, available from today.

On its first publication in 1999, The Stargate Conspiracy sparked bitter controversy not only in more conventional circles but also, because of its searing critique of certain particularly cherished beliefs of 'alternative' history, among that community too.

The book reveals the existence of a truly remarkable plan to manufacture a quasi-religious belief system centred on the idea that the gods of ancient Egypt were really advanced extra-terrestrials - who are about to return. At the heart of the story is the channelling cult based on alleged psychic contact with the 'Council of Nine', whose devotees and channellers in its 50-year-plus history have included senior politicians (even a former Vice President), members of some of America's wealthiest families, physicists, leading New Age gurus and individuals such as Uri Geller, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and several leading 'alternative' authors. In fact, L&C present evidence that the Nine were born in a US government-backed parapsychology lab as part of an experiment into the creation and manipulation of belief.

The questions raised in The Stargate Conspiracy - not to mention its stark warnings - remain as relevant as ever. As Fortean Times wrote, after reading it 'you may never again look at any New Age movement based upon "divine" or "extraterrestial" revelations in quite the same way.'

11 January 2019 - Stargate Conspiracy at the Green Stone
Lynn and Clive are cock-a-hoop to have been booked to speak at the Questing Conference's Green Stone 40th Anniversary Convention at the Britannia Hotel, Wolverhampton on Saturday, 26 October 2019, organised by Andrew Collins. They will be talking about the pernicious 50-year-long manufactured channelling cult, based on the 'Council of Nine', the central theme of their book The Stargate Conspiracy - which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

See the Future Events page for the full details of the weekend and how to book.

14 November 2018 - Stargate Conspiracy e-book
L&C are delighted that Sphere are to publish an e-book of The Stargate Conspiracy to coincide with its 20th anniversary in 2019. Watch this space for the publication date.

4 October 2018 - Star Gate in print
The print version of Jack Sarfatti's Star Gate, which includes Lynn and Clive's essay 'Future Mind' (see below), is published today by Lambert Academic Publishing.

It can be purchased online from MoreBooks.

22 September 2018 - Opening the Star Gate
Lynn and Clive have contributed an essay to physicist Jack Sarfatti's new book, Star Gate, the e-book edition of which is launched today by Lambert Academic Publishing, subtitled Essays by and about the disruptive ideas of physicist Jack Sarfatti on mind, matter, consciousness, time travel to the stars and beyond.

Their essay, 'Future Mind', gives an overview of Jack's life and the development of his remarkably influential - but apparently wacky - ideas, and his encounters with high strangeness that helped form them…

The e-book is available from MoreBooks.

A print version will be available soon.

23 August 2018 - Forbidden History: Secret Societies - World Domination
In this year's final show Jamie Theakston looks at various secret groups who have been alleged to control the world from behind the scenes - among others, the Freemasons (in particular the sinister Italian lodge P2), Opus Dei, the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove and Yale University's Skull and Bones. Jamie also explores the trending phenomenon of 'fake news'.

Lynn appears among the other regular contributors - Andrew Gough, Tony McMahon, Dominic Selwood and Matt Green - discussing the reasons for forming and joining secret societies and the extent, real and imagined, of their influence. The programme also features Freemason and author Dr Robert Lomas, David V. Barrett, author of A Short History of Secret Societies, Professor Andrew Kakabadse (author of Bilderberg People) on the influence of the Bilderbergers on US foreign policy and Will Moy of the factchecking charity Full Fact.

16 August 2018 - Forbidden History: The Dead Sea Scrolls Mystery
Or rather mysteries, given the many questions surrounding this important source of Biblical history: Who wrote them? Why did the Vatican try for so long to prevent them being made public? Why were they hidden in the first place? What (if anything) do they reveal about Jesus and the origins of Christianity? Is the unique Copper Scroll really the treasure map it appears to be? And are there more scrolls to be found - indeed, have recent discoveries been kept under wraps? Enough to be getting on with for one show...

Jamie Theakston visits Jerusalem and Qumran itself, meeting archaeologists Danny Herman and Oren Gutfeld, antiquities dealer Khader Baidun and Pnina Shor, head of the Israel Antiquities Authority's Dead Sea Scrolls Project. He also looks into the related mystery of the controversial lead codices recently discovered in Jordan, talking to David Elkington, who believes them to date from the same time as the Dead Sea Scrolls and to be equally, if not more, revelatory.

Lynn outlines the conclusions of The Masks of Christ, that the reason for the shockwaves that ran through the Vatican when the Scrolls were discovered in 1947 was because of what they might reveal about John the Baptist and his true relationship with Jesus - the big secret the Church has been trying to suppress for 2000 years.

15 August 2018 - A Spanish invasion
Lynn and Clive were delighted to welcome bestselling Spanish author Javier Sierra and his wife Eva - not forgetting young Martin and Sofia - along with their group from Aran Viajes tours to the esoteric sights of London, accompanying them to the Temple Church, Freemasons' Hall and the quirky and fascinating Sir John Soane's Museum.

L&C were also presented with official 'Authors on Tour' Indiana Jones-style hats - being modelled in the photo. Explorers at last!

The day was special, and highly memorable - and in a very good way!

9 August 2018 - Forbidden History: The Real James Bond
This week Jamie Theakston examines the cultural phenomenon that is James Bond, exploring the reasons for 007's success and the questions of how accurately (or not) his adventures reflect the real-life world of espionage and intelligence and how true the movie-version Bond is to Ian Fleming's original creation.

Attempting to experience Bond's lifestyle, Jamie fires guns, drives an Aston Martin DB5, pilots a speedboat up the Thames and samples a vodka martini. One has to admire his dedication! (He does give Bond's womanising a miss though.) He talks to, among others, film armourer John Baker, Bond expert Ajay Chowdhury and security analyst (and perhaps former MI6 officer) Alan Judd, as well as Bond girl Maryam d'Abo.

Although it's a boys-own story, Lynn gives a female perspective on the reasons for Bond's popularity with men and women, and the significance of vodka. She didn't get a martini though.

2 August 2018 - Forbidden History: Hitler's Treasure and Monuments Men
The subject of this week's show is the Nazis' industrial-scale looting of art treasures and cultural artefacts and relics from occupied countries - and the Allies' efforts to recover them during and after the Second World War, mainly through the 'Monuments Men', academics and other experts drafted in to the military. Jamie Theakston visits the Ataussee salt mines in Austria, where thousands of works of art were stashed, and Vienna's Hofburg Palace to look at the fabled 'Spear of Destiny' with curator Dr Franz Kirchweger.

Lynn talks about the motives of Hitler and the other Nazi leaders for the plundering - their desire to establish Germany as Europe's greatest cultural power - as well as SS chief Heinrich Himmler's obsession with relics and other objects of great symbolic and even magical power. In addition to Lynn and the other regulars, there are contributions from journalist Stephan Koldehoff and art historian Konrad Kramar.

31 July 2018 - The new book: When God Had a Wife
Lynn and Clive are thrilled to announce they have just signed the contract for their new book, When God Had a Wife, for the American publishers, Inner Traditions/Bear & Co. Focusing on the long-forgotten Jewish goddesses - and their extraordinary tenacity! - it will also examine the 'goddess' roles of certain significant women in early Christianity. The book is due to be published next year.

26 July 2018 - Forbidden History: The Stasi - Behind the Berlin Wall
In this week's episode Jamie Theakston is in Berlin, uncovering the Cold War story of the East German secret police, the Stasi, in particular its control of the population through surveillance, a network of informants and psychological trickery. He talks to, among others, Dr Christopher Nehring, curator of the German Spy Museum, and former Stasi prisoner Peter Keup.

Lynn appeared alongside the other regular contributors (Dominic Selwood, Dr Matt Green, Tony McMahon and Andrew Gough), talking about the pressures of living in such a tightly-controlled state and the techniques, such as 'gaslighting', used to undermine suspected dissidents psychologically.

19 July 2018 - Forbidden History: Uncovering the Historical Jesus
The opening episode of Forbidden History series 5 aired on UK's Yesterday Channel. In it, Jamie Theakston explores the historical evidence for the Gospel stories about Jesus - and even for his existence - travelling to Jerusalem to look at the sites connected with his crucifixion and burial with historian Dr Eyal Miron.

Lynn outlined the conclusions of The Masks of Christ, that although Jesus was a real historical figure he was very different to how he is depicted in the New Testament. Other contributors included historian and novelist Dominic Selwood, Heretic magazine's Andrew Gough, self-styled 'Beardy historian' Tony McMahon and Raphael Lataster of the University of Sydney.

Watch out for repeats. The episode can also be watched on UKTVPlay.

17 July 2018 - Minerva talk online
The video of Lynn and Clive's talk on The Templar Revelation to the Minerva Study Circle is now available on Minerva's YouTube channel.

3 July 2018 - The Queen of Spain - a fan?
The Spanish online newspaper El Español's article about Queen Letizia and her interest in esoteric books revealed her current reading is El Universo Prohibido! Thanks to Javier Sierra for the exciting news.

For those who can read Spanish, the article is on the El Español web site.

27 June 2018 - Forbidden in Spain
The Forbidden Universe is published today in Spanish translation, entitled El Universo Prohibido. It's part of Ediciones Luciérnaga's Ocultura series whose editor is the award-winning writer Javier Sierra.

El Universo Prohibido joins The Masks of Christ (Las Máscaras de Cristo), which was published last year, also as part of the Ocultura series.

23 June 2018 - Minerva talk
Lynn and Clive gave their talk on The Templar Revelation to the Minerva Study Circle, St Albans - in the splendid Masonic temple room.

Thanks to Dan O'Connell, and all those who made the - sometimes lengthy and complicated - journey there on one of the hottest days of a very hot summer!

The talk was videoed and will be available on Minerva's YouTube channel soon.

15 June 2018 - Forbidden History 5
The latest series of Forbidden History, presented by Jamie Theakston and featuring Lynn as a regular contributor, is to start airing on the Yesterday Channel on 19 July.

As usual it's six episodes, directed by Bruce Burgess for Like A Shot Productions. This season's episodes and broadcast dates are:

Uncovering the Historical Jesus - 19 July

The Stasi: Behind the Berlin Wall - 26 July

The Search for Nazi Treasure - 2 August

The Real James Bond - 9 August

The Dead Sea Scrolls - 16 August

Secret Societies: World Domination - 23 August

4 May 2018 - Leonardo's alien encounters?
Lynn appeared as a contributor on the subject of the real Leonardo da Vinci - his genius, love of trickery and his often startling heresy (if you know where to look) - in the somewhat quirky setting of the History Channel's Ancient Aliens.

The episode, 'Da Vinci's Forbidden Codes,' explored the question of whether Leonardo was influenced by extraterrestrials. Lynn thought probably not.

21 April 2018 - A party to remember
L&C were delighted to attend fellow esoteric writer John Matthew's 70th birthday party at Dwina Gibb's stunning home, the Prebendal in Thame, Oxfordshire. In glorious sunshine it was good to meet up with old friends.

Happy birthday, John!

1 April 2018 - Templar in St Albans
L&C are booked to give a talk on The Templar Revelation - now celebrating its 21st year in print - to the Minerva Study Circle, an esoteric study group organised by Dan O'Connell and held at St Alban's Masonic centre. It's at 1.30 on Saturday, 23 June (appropriately St John's Eve) at Ashwell House, 167 Verulam Road, St Albans AL3 4DW.

All are welcome and admission is free (although donations are gratefully received) but please book in advance so that they know the size of the audience - email Dan O'Connell on

14 March 2018 - Saunière Society's David Pickering
Lynn and Clive write:

We're sorry to hear from Joy and Chris Millar of the passing of Saunière Society Journal editor David Pickering, after a courageous battle against cancer. It was always a pleasure to work with him.

6 March 2018 - Passing of Peter Rogerson, iconic Magonian
Lynn and Clive write:

We're saddened to learn of the passing of Peter Rogerson, the stalwart of the Magonia Review of Books and of British ufology since the 1960s. He died peacefully in hospital in Manchester at the age of 67.

Sceptical but open-minded (as a genuine sceptic should be) towards paranormal and Fortean phenomena, Peter championed the view of UFOs and reports of alien encounters as a psychosocial, rather than physical, phenomenon, a perspective much in favour in the 1970s but which has since been eclipsed by a more materialistic, 'nuts and bolts' approach. He amassed an enormous collection of books and publications, which are being passed on to the Archive for the Unexplained (AFU) in Sweden.

As AFU's Clas Svahns writes, in one of the many tributes from the ufological/Fortean world, 'Peter is now sailing to Magonia'.

Magonia editor John Rimmer's tributes to his old friend Peter can be read at the Magonia web site.

15 February 2018 - Templar in Poland
The new Polish edition of The Templar Revelation - Templariusze: Tajemni strażnicy tożsamości Chrystusa - is published today, by Bellona.

13 February 2018 - Oak Island: More on the mystery
The latest episode of the History Channel's The Curse of Oak Island, entitled 'The Templar Connection', made by Prometheus Entertainment and featuring contributions from L&C, broadcast in the USA. It's narrated by the rather wonderfully-named Robert Clotworthy.

7 February 2018 - Oak Island coming
An episode of the History Channel's series The Curse of Oak Island featuring L&C talking about the putative Templar connection to the Oak Island Money Pit mystery, is to air next Tuesday, 13 February at 9pm and 11pm PST.

31 January 2018 - Occulture: Encounter with the Grail
The latest edition of New Dawn magazine has an article by Gary Lachman on the Ocultura conference in León, Spain, where he and Lynn and Clive spoke last October. It's called 'On the Trail of Occulture'. Gary mentions L&C and includes a photo of them looking at the Holy Grail - or rather, an Holy Grail - in León's San Isidoro basilica.

17 January 2018 - Cocteau 2
The new issue of the Saunière Society Journal includes the second part (of three) of L&C's article on Jean Cocteau, exploring the connections of this most enigmatic of cultural icons with individuals involved in the controversial Priory of Sion story, and why his name was chosen as one of the Priory's alleged Grand Masters.

This examines Cocteau's life after 1918, in particular his associations in the 1950s with individuals connected with the Priory of Sion story, and the light they shed on why his name was chosen as one of its Grand Masters.

Saunière Society members receive the journal as part of their membership - for details see their web site.

9 Jan 2018 - Lynn on Lynn
Lynn gave her first talk on her extraordinary paranormal and mystical adventures as little Lynn - 'The UnChosen One' - at the Castle pub, Farringdon, to the Nova Stellar meet-up group to a packed, and very appreciative audience.

Thanks to Caroline Whimsy Westbury for the invitation to speak to her group - great night, and much appreciated!

13 December 2017 - Cocteau coming
The new issue of the Saunière Society Journal, out on 17 January and free to members, includes the second part (now of three) of L&C's piece on Jean Cocteau, the alleged Grand Master of the alleged secret society, the Priory of Sion.

20 November 2017 - Lynn to talk at Nova Stellar
Lynn will be giving a talk, entitled 'The Unchosen at Number 15', on the strange childhood experiences that shaped her life, at Nova Stellar, the monthly pagan/wiccan moot held upstairs at the Castle pub in Cowcross Street, EC1, next to London's Farringdon Station.

The talk is on Tuesday, 9 January, beginning at 8pm (gathering from 7pm). Entry is £3.

19 November 2017 - La Razon
The Sunday edition of the Spanish daily newspaper La Razon carried an article by Javier Sierra on Lynn and Clive's discovery of the link between Leonardo da Vinci's painting Salvator Mundi and the Turin Shroud - proof of his connection with the relic. Thanks yet again for your enthusiastic support, Javier!

4 November 2017 - Origins Conference
L&C appeared at the Origins Conference, the annual gathering organised by author/researcher Andrew Collins and devoted to mysteries of the ancient past, at London's Rudolf Steiner House. Their talk was on The Stargate Conspiracy, which celebrates its 20th anniversary in print next year, and concentrated on the strangest of strange-but-true stories, that of the Council of Nine - alleged extraterrestrial 'space gods' whose devotees included members of America's elite but were, in all likelihood, the product of a sinister experiment in the manipulation of belief.

It was the usual memorable day, with a plethora of thought-provoking lectures. Thanks to Andy for the invitation and Debbie Cartwright for the smooth and characteristically efficient organising.

25 October 2017 - More 'Forbidden' filming
Lynn was filmed for the fifth series of Yesterday TV's Forbidden History, presented by Jamie Theakston and produced and directed by Bruce Burgess for Like a Shot Productions. The series will air summer 2018.

17 October 2017 - Polish Templar
Poland's Bellona are to publish a new edition of The Templar Revelation (Templariusze) - details of publication to follow.

Thanks to Piotr Wawreńczyk and Wioletta Chwedoruk of Book/Lab in Warsaw for sealing the deal.

17 October 2017 - Congratulations, Javier!
L&C are delighted to hear that their friend - and host during their recent trip to Spain - Javier Sierra has won Spanish's most prestigious literary award, Premio Planeta de Novela, for his novel El Fuego Invisible. Felicitaciones, amigo!

9-13 October 2017 - A Spanish adventure: Masks of Christ, a Fallen Angel and the Grail…
Lynn and Clive were off to Spain to promote the just-released Spanish edition of The Masks of Christ (Las máscaras de Cristo), part of Luciérnaga's 'Ocultura' series edited by author and TV personality (and all-round famous-but-still-nice-guy) Javier Sierra, who L&C have known and worked with since meeting in 2006. Their mini-tour included media interviews in Madrid and an appearance at the International Occulture Conference (Encuentro Internacional de Ocultura) in León, hosted by Javier and tied in to the book series.

L&C travelled with fellow writer (and founder-member of 80s' super-group Blondie) Gary Lachman, whose Politics and the Occult has also just been published as part of the Ocultura series, and his partner Anja Fløde Bjørlo.

Arriving at the Hotel Vincci Mint in Madrid's Gran Vía, they were met by Javier, who took them on a tour of the city's famous Retiro Park, mainly so he could show Lynn its 'Lucifer' statue atop the Fountain of the Fallen Angel (erected in 1922 and subsequently coincidentally found to be 666 meters above sea level).

The first full day was given over to serial press and recorded radio interviews in the hotel - most in its spectacular rooftop bar. L&C were happy to renew their acquaintance with Isabela Herranz, who was translating. Lola Escudero from Luciérnaga's press office was also on hand.

The next day, 11 October, the four were off by train to León, where they were met by Javier and his wife Eva. Seeing the posters for the week-long Ocultura conference fixed to traffic lights en route to the hotel, the scale of the event began to dawn - a week-long series of talks, one an evening with free admission, in León's 1000-seat City Auditorium.

The hotel was even more spectacular than the sophisticated Madrid stop-over: the Hospedería de la Real Colegiata de San Isidoro is part of the 11th-century complex of buildings attached to the San Isidoro basilica, and was originally built to accommodate pilgrims on the nearby route to Santiago de Compostela. A few hours to settle in, and to meet Javier and Eva's brilliant kids, Martin and Sofía - 10-year-old Martin had come from playing his dad in a scene from a TV series about Javier's life - as well as Sonia Labanda, who would be translating for both talks, then it was off to the Auditorium for Gary's highly thought-provoking talk.

The day of Lynn and Clive's talk, 12 October, was a public holiday - Spain's National Day, in fact - which was bound to boost attendance. L&C were pleased to meet top Spanish esoteric writer Enrique de Vicente - who turned out to be a fan. L&C, Gary, Javier and Enrique were filmed outside León's Santa Maria cathedral for the digital newspaper Leonoticias, as part of its coverage of the Ocultura conference.

Although L&C had a little trepidation about outlining their somewhat controversial conclusions about Jesus in the home of the Spanish Inquisition, their talk, to a full house, went down very well. The book-signing afterwards was a sell-out! There was a pleasing amount of coverage in the regional press, both in advance and the day after, such as this piece in La Neuva Crónica.

The next morning the party was treated to a tour of the basilica, which houses the burial chapel of the Kings of León, including a private viewing of its great treasure, the Chalice of Doña Urraca, personally led by historian Margarita Torres, author of The Kings of the Grail, in which she argues - very plausibly - that the chalice was the inspiration of the Holy Grail tales (at least those in which it's the cup of the Last Supper). Then the train back to Madrid, farewells to Gary and Anja who were staying for an extra few days, and the return flight to London.

Altogether, a fabulous, if hectic time and enormously encouraging for Lynn and Clive to find such enthusiasm for their work in Spain. Immense thanks to Javier and all at Luciérnaga, not just for the very welcome professional exposure, but for the staggeringly generous amounts of tapas, vino tinto and gin. Despite the latter, they will remember the trip for a very long time.

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