The Stargate Conspiracy

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Lynn and Clive in Cairo during research for The Stargate Conspiracy, April 1998
Lynn and Clive in Cairo during research for The Stargate Conspiracy, April 1998

‘Picknett and Prince are first-class storytellers and their magical mystery tour is totally enthralling.’ Colin Wilson, writing in the Daily Mail

‘…you may never again look at any New Age movement based upon “divine” or “extraterrestrial” revelations in quite the same way.’ Fortean Times

Having traced the origins of Christianity back to first-century Egypt in their ground-breaking second book, The Templar Revelation, Picknett and Prince intended to delve further back into the mysteries of that land in its most ancient times. But soon the extraordinary skulduggery that was taking place in modern Egypt in the run-up to the Millennium proved too much of a temptation.

The Stargate Conspiracy (1999) is nothing less than the revelation of the intricate relationship between the gods of ancient Egypt, New Age prophets, channelling cults and serious parapsychological researchers - all presided over like puppetmasters by the west's intelligence agencies.

Are the ancient gods - or perhaps superior life-forms from space - really returning? Have they already made contact through chosen mediums, channellers and leaders of cults? Or is that what certain cynical manipulators want us to believe? In a bizarre and murky world where reality and belief are compelled to collide by those coldly orchestrating the plan, miracles apparently occur and the promised revelation of secrets is endless.

Stripping away layer upon layer of New Age and occult associations - including the Egyptian visions of ritual magician Aleister Crowley - Lynn and Clive reveal the incredible story of a 50-year-old plot to hijack the belief system of the West.

The Millennium may have come and gone, but the plot goes on.

The Stargate Conspiracy was a front-cover feature of the Fortean Times.



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